Fallout 4 Director: "EA, Can You Make NCAA Football Again Please?"

"Now they don't make it anymore and there's a hole in my life."


Fallout 4 and Skyrim director Todd Howard, like Snoop Dogg, would like to see EA's NCAA Football series return. Speaking today at the 2016 DICE Summit, Howard said the NCAA Football series was one of his favorites, in part because he felt a sense of accomplishment when he won, and sorrow when he lost.

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"NCAA Football was one of my favorite games; they don't make it anymore," Howard said. "While I'm here, EA, can you make NCAA Football again, please? That game honestly was important to me. I would play and win the national championship, recruit my team--the pride I felt in doing it. I felt good during the day if I won and I felt bad if I lost. to the computer. Now they don't make it anymore and there's a hole in my life."

Howard gave his talk in front of a room of industry figures, and we wouldn't be surprised if someone from EA was in attendance. A day earlier, EA's chief creative officer Rich Hilleman, who worked on the first Madden games, moderated a panel at the show.

Howard went on to say he's a fan of lots of different types of video games, though it's typically role-playing games like Bethesda Game Studios is known for that he enjoys the most and connects deepest with.

The latest NCAA Football game was 2013's NCAA Football 14. A sequel was in development, but was canceled in September 2013 amid EA's lawsuit settlement with former collegiate players.

EA's contract with the NCAA for college football games was also terminated that year. Though EA later signed a deal with the Collegiate Licensing Company for more college football games, per the terms of the agreement, no future EA college football games can use the NCAA's name or associated marks.

In January of this year, the NCAA Football Facebook page came back to life with a mysterious video that some took as a suggestion that the series was being resurrected. However, this was not the case.

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