Snoop Dogg Rallies for NCAA Football 14 Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Rapper's influence has led to an influx in votes for the college football game.


Rapper Snoop Dogg really wants NCAA Football 14 to be one of the Xbox 360 games made playable on Xbox One through backwards compatibility. He's so enthusiastic that he's been asking his 12.5 million Twitter followers to visit the Xbox Feedback site and vote for the game.

His attempts appear to be working. When he originally sent out his plea last night, NCAA Football 14 had 4,670 votes. That figure has risen to 5,572 at time of going to press.

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Snoop's campaign has even caught the attention of Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, who assured the rapper in his own tweet that, "We'll be sure to add your request to the list."

Unfortunately for Snoop, the prospect of NCAA Football 14--the final game in the series since EA put it on hiatus--being made playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility appears to be facing an uphill battle.

First, EA's contract with the NCAA for college football games was terminated in 2013. Though EA later signed a deal with the Collegiate Licensing Company for more college football games, per the terms of the agreement, no future EA college football games can use the NCAA's name or associated marks.

What's more, Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently said games that use licensed content, which would include NCAA Football 14, might not be among the first cut of supported titles--if they ever come at all.

On top of that, a judge recently decided that EA and the NCAA must pay $60 million to settle a lawsuit with former college players. In addition, none of the currently approved backwards compatible games are sports titles.

Clearly, there are potential issues with bringing the game back. But of course it's not impossible that NCAA Football 14 comes to Xbox One via backwards compatibility someday. You're free to follow Snoop's wishes and vote for it--or any other game--right now on the Xbox Feedback site.

We've contacted EA to see if the company has anything to share on the matter.

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