Fall Guys Fan-Made Mini-Games Pop Up in Minecraft, Fortnite, And More

From Roblox to Trials Rising, there are some creative mini-games on display.


Fall Guys players don't have time to wait for Mediatonic to release a level editor for its smash-hit game show battle royale. They've already created dozens of levels across different games and they hope the UK-based studio notices them.

"Originally, I was inspired by a TV show called "Hole in the Wall" and designed the course with similar art style to Gate Crash," said Redditor Kalzzone8 about his second Fall Guys map. "However, I wanted some uniqueness to this design hence the cheese idea."

Trials Rising, the game Kalzzone8 used to make two mini-games, is a bike-racing game developed and published by Ubisoft. Players have made all sorts of wild creations, like this doodle rider where the player draws a line for a biker to ride, with it and now Kalzzone8 repurposed the editor for their impressive Slime Climb-like Fall Guys levels.

"I think this is probably the best fan made level I've seen - it really nails the 'gameshow-ness' of the obstacles and gives players plenty of choice around how brave/risky they want to be be," Fall Guys lead game designer Joe Walsh wrote on of the swiss-cheese-like level on Reddit. "Awesome work."

Players have tried to make games that fit into Fall Guys' unique game show structure. Many have preferred to make the racing levels, like the Whirlygig, that start out most matches, while others have tried to make uphill races similar to Slime Climb, where dozens of players get eliminated in difficult platforming sections.

Fan creators have used Roblox, Fortnite's Creative mode, Media Molecule's Dreams, and more to recreate both the same games (Fall Mountain in Minecraft, anyone?) and new ideas that they hope Mediatonic takes inspiration from.

One Minecraft player even used command blocks to recreate a playable version of both Tip Toe and Hex-A-Gone. It's fitting as Minecraft has seen its fair share of player created mini-games throughout its lifespan. TNT Run, for example, is the Minecraft equivalent to Hex-A-Gone created by YouTuber Charles "Grian" Batchelor long before Fall Guys was a thing.

Walsh has said that a level editor is an idea they're exploring but it would be difficult to implement because Fall Guys was built with Unity. If they do decide to implement one, it'll be some time before we see it live in-game. Still, these creative fans aren't giving up hope.

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