Fall Guys Custom Minigames Recreated In PS4's Dreams

The Fall Guys fan plans on making 10 levels in Dreams before releasing it.


A Fall Guys fan has made their own minigames within Media Molecules' Dreams. The look, feel, and design of the game is impressive considering Fall Guys has only been out for a couple of weeks. They must have put serious time into the project. Should the Fall Guys servers encounter issues again, it's a solid alternative as you wait for them to be ironed out.

"I have not yet released it," said nico_Gamer09, who created the level. "I plan on making 10 levels or so and [then] tie them together."

The level has the little Fall Guys blobs run through a giant hollow cylinder full of gaps and other obstacles. Players need to navigate through multiple cylinders, just like the racing games in Fall Guys, in order to make it to the end. You can see the level, dubbed Dizzier Heights, in action below.

"Wait, is this Dreams?" said another Redditor. "It looks soooo good!"

Fall Guys has been a sensation since launching on August 4. It's been all over social media, especially after Mediatonic's social media team started a joke campaign to delete Team Yellow from the game. Streamer DrLupo was recently awarded a special costume for being the statistically best player in the game so far.

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