Fortnite Players Are Making Their Own Fall Guys Mini-Games

They've created their own concepts for battle royale mini-games.


Fortnite players have jumped on the Fall Guys bandwagon. They've created all sorts of mini-games, including ones copied from Ultimate Knockout and completely original creations, in Fortnite's creative mode.

Players have remade Door Dash, Tip Toe, Slime Climb, and many other games. They come with pink slime that immediately kills your character to make the resemblance with the game show battle royale complete.

Other players have crafted the Fall Guys characters themselves in Fortnite in order to try and replicate the rag doll physics from Ultimate Knockout. Fall Guys is itself something of a battle royale, only with the obstacles on each stage killing players instead of weapons doing the job.

"The reason my sister made this is because I'm trying to make the entire fall guys game in Fortnite," said Redditor sonny_hall_exe. "Minus a few of the impossible-to-make mini games."

Fall Guys has grown to be immensely popular since launching on August 4--millions of players have hopped on both PS4 and PC. We got a sneak peak at the battle royale's upcoming Season 2 medieval content at Gamescom Opening Night Live. We'll be able to play as knights, wizards, and dragons in games designed around "epic quests" once the new season launches in October.

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