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Fall Guys Cross-Progression Explained: How To Cross-Save And Transfer All Unlocked Items

Make sure your account is fully equipped to tackle the new cross-progression in Fall Guys.


Fall Guys Season 1: Free For All is now live for all systems, with Xbox and Nintendo Switch players getting their first-ever look at the game. The season is a mini-reset for veteran players, as the Ultimate Knockout game is now free-to-play, available on different consoles, and features crossplay and cross-progression for the first time. If you're worried about overlooking something that arrived with Season 1, we covered everything you need to know about Free For All in a previous guide. In this guide, we'll walk you through the added step of ensuring all your inventory items and game history travel with you to the game's new platforms.

Cross-progression essentially means that no matter where you play Fall Guys, your progress will be saved across one account. In contrast, crossplay is a feature that allows players to join up with players on any system Fall Guys is available through. The two terms are often mixed up by the community. Crossplay needs less explaining than cross-progression, which is sometimes called cross-save. Whatever you prefer to call it, we've put together a guide explaining how to ensure you have an account that is able to transfer its progress across any system.

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Connecting your Fall Guys account

This is a step that's more intended for newer Fall Guys players. When Epic Games bought out the developer of Fall Guys, Mediatonic, it made it mandatory for every Fall Guys player to have an Epic Games account. Without an Epic Games account, you won't be able to log in and play Fall Guys. If you've played the game prior to the launch of Season 1, then you will already have an account with Epic Games, so those players can skip this step.

For newer players, you will be prompted to create an Epic Games account upon downloading Fall Guys for the first time. You can either do this through the prompts that will appear on your system or go straight to the Epic Games Store website. If you do it through the website directly, look at the top right of the screen and you'll see a box that says "sign in." Click that box and scroll down until you see the option to make a new account. Either way you do it, you'll need to register an active email address and create a password. You can also create an account using other methods, such as using Steam, Facebook, etc. Pick whatever method is easiest for you.

Once an Epic Games account has been created, you can use it to sign into Fall Guys on your desired system.

Linking accounts

While you might play Fall Guys on one main system, like your PS5, you might also want to play the game on another system. If you do, then you'll need to ensure progress accrued on one system transfers to the other. This is simply done by linking your account to the systems you play Fall Guys on.

To do this, log into Fall Guys on any system and get to the main lobby screen. Here, you will see your character standing in the middle of the lobby. Hover over your name above your character and click on the "Accounts" button. In the Accounts section, click "Connections" and "Accounts" again. Here, you will be able to link your account to any other system you're not currently playing on. For example, if you're on PC but you also want to play Fall Guys on PS5, you'll need to sign into Epic Games and then sign in to your PS account. The same goes for linking an Xbox or Switch account.

It should be noted that whatever account you link first will be considered your primary account. Your primary account should be on the system that you play Fall Guys on the most. So if you're primarily a PC gamer but have an Xbox in your living room, then you'll probably want to make your PC account the primary one. However, regardless of which one is the primary account, your progress made on any account will transfer to whatever other system you log into. Even if you play some on PC, some on Xbox, and then more on the Switch, your level, Season Pass progress, cosmetics earned, etc. will all be retained on any system.

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