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What's New In Fall Guys Season 1: Season Pass, Show-Bucks, And More

Fall Guys is doing a full reset with loads of new content for newcomers and veterans alike.


It's been one week since the latest trailer for Fall Guys Season 1: Free For All was revealed at Summer Game Fest and now players can hop in to see all of the new content for themselves. The season is now live for all players on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC users on the Epic Games Store. As the name of the season suggests, Fall Guys is now free-to-play for all new players. Previously, the game cost $20 and was only available on PC and PlayStation 4. However, the developers at Mediatonic have reset the game in many ways, and that starts with Season 1.

There is a plethora of new and exciting content coming to the Blunderdome this season in Fall Guys. While the headline is the free-to-play model and arrival on new consoles, there's also plenty more to get excited about for all players. Below, fans can see exactly what they can expect in the new season of the "greatest game show on Earth."

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Brand new functionality arrives in Fall Guys

In addition to the game going from $20 to free and arriving on last and current-gen consoles, there's also been some added functionality to Fall Guys. This starts with the game moving from Steam to the Epic Games Store on PC. Steam players who previously bought Fall Guys will still retain their copy and receive updates, but new players will only be able to download the game from EGS. This is bigger news than it seems, as the move to the Epic platform allows the developers to implement both crossplay and cross-progression.

Essentially, this means that Fall Guys players will make one account and that account can be shared on any platform. If players level up that account on PC, they will be able to log into it on PlayStation 5 and retain that progress. Also, players will be able to party up with their friends on different platforms. All players need to do is ensure that they have their friends added to their friend list in Fall Guys. For veteran players, this doesn't mean anything more than now having the ability to play anywhere with anyone. The core experience of Fall Guys won't be altered from previous seasons.

New Season Pass

Speaking of the Season Pass, Season 1: Free For All will, of course, introduce a fresh pass of cosmetics for players to work their way through. Mediatonic states that there are 100 tiers of Costumes, Emotes, Celebrations, and much more available on the pass. In addition to those cosmetics, players can also earn the new in-game currency, Show-Bucks. On the Season 1 Pass, players can earn 300 Show-Bucks on the free path and 1,200 Show-Bucks on the premium version. If players save these Show-Bucks wisely, they can use them to buy the Season 2 Pass whenever it releases. Players can also use Show-Bucks to buy items within the Fall Guys Store. Most items that are purchasable with Show-Bucks are of Uncommon rarity or higher. You can find a gallery of every cosmetic reward in the Season 1 Fall Guys battle pass below, including the tier 1 reward, Ezio from Assassin's Creed.

Rewards for veteran players

Any longtime player of Fall Guys might see the new free-to-play model as a bad thing. After all, these players originally paid the $20 entry fee to gain access to the game. While the game will be free-to-play from now on, veteran players will be receiving a reward package that's inaccessible to any player who downloads the game on or after June 21.

All players who previously entered the Blunderdome before the game goes free-to-play will receive the Legacy Pack for free. This pack includes the Season Pass in addition to exclusive cosmetic items. The pack is available to any player who originally paid $20 to buy Fall Guys and can be redeemed upon logging into the game after the Season 1 update has gone live.

A wallop of new content

Finally, the last bit of content coming at the start of Season 1: Free For All is strictly related to gameplay, the bread and butter of the Fall Guys experience. There are a plethora of new Rounds and Obstacles coming to the game, including Hex-A-Ring, Volleyfall, Speed Circuit, The Blast Ball, Track Attack, The Swiveller, and Bounce Party.

Hex-A-Ring can be thought of as a combination of Hex-A-Gone and Roll Off. The map looks like Roll Off but features disappearing hexagon tiles as the floor. Players must use their skills to avoid the rotating cylinder that's coming at them while also staying on available hexagon tiles on the floor. There are three layers of tiles and once all three layers are gone, a hole is created in that spot that players can fall through. Hex-A-Ring is a Crown Final map.

Volleyfall looks to be Fall Guys' take on volleyball, while Track Attack is a bouncy obstacle course that looks to test players' balance and map knowledge. Blast Ball is a mode that allows players to use the new explosive obstacles to blow other players out of the arena. This is also a Crown Final map.

The Swiveller is a circular arena that has players dodging multiple rolling bars as they go around the track and Bounce Party requires players to jump through hoops to score points. Finally, Speed Circuit is a multi-layered map that has players dodging numerous obstacles.

All of this is now available in Fall Guys Season 1: Free For All.

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