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Fable Reboot Has Been In Development For Four Years At Playground Games

The Forza Horizon developer has been working on the RPG for a long time already.


A recent tweet from a Playground Games developer has revealed that the studio's reboot of Fable has been in development for over four years already.

Tom Gaulton, a lead engineer at Playground Games, celebrated his fourth year at the studio on Twitter, expressing his joy at getting to work on Fable throughout that time. This is the first real indication as to how long the game has been in the works at the Microsoft-owned studio, with the game initially revealed in July 2020.

Since Fable's reveal, Playground Games has remained tight-lipped on the reboot, which will be the first entry in the franchise since Fable III in 2014. Lionhead Studios, the initial creators of the series, had been working on Fable Legends up until the studio was closed in 2016. It wasn't long after then that rumors suggested that Playground Games was working on a reboot.

Playground Games is a household name in the Microsoft stable, having led development of the Forza Horizon series of racing games for a couple of years. The studio's latest release is the series' best yet, with GameSpot's Forza Horizon 5 review reading, "It's not going to convince you to give it a go if Forza Horizon's brand of racing hasn't done it for you in the past, but Forza Horizon 5 still stands head and shoulders above anything else in the genre."

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