Fable 2 Walkthrough

Forget your canine companion! Our walkthrough is all you need to get through Fable 2.


Fable 2 is all about choices. Almost everything you do has some effect on your surroundings, whether it's deciding to help a local drunk get his booze back or passing gas next to a potential mate (generally not a good idea...both in Fable and real life). The choices you make will all impact your journey, to some degree or another.

While the choice is ultimately yours, to be good or evil, we're here to help assist you in making some of those difficult decisions along the way.

Here's what you'll find in GameSpot's Fable 2 Game Guide:

  • General Tips: Learn the basics of Fable 2.
  • Walkthrough: We'll walk you through Fable's story and help you make some of those difficult decisions.
  • Achievements: Want achievements? We've got the info you need here!

General Tips

Dying Doesn't Matter

Okay, perhaps that's not a completely true statement, but it's close enough. For you see, whenever you "die" in Fable, you merely collapse to the ground, only to be magically resurrected mere moments later. The only consequences are a slight loss of experience points (generally an inconsequential amount, unless you're dying all the time) and an added scar to your face. So if you're not concerned about your physical appearance, don't sweat losing health too much.

Combat Basics

You have three main combat options: Melee (swords, hammers), Projectiles (crossbows, guns), and Will (magic). You'll undoubtedly use all three during your journey, though since you'll be battling most of your enemies hand-to-hand, we recommend focusing on everything but projectiles.

As you upgrade your melee attacks, you'll acquire new abilities, such as the ever helpful "flourish" attacks. These handy moves are performed by holding Attack while pressing the control stick in the direction of the enemy. After a second or two, you'll unleash a devastating melee attack that can often finish foes off in a single hit (assuming you have a decent weapon equipped).

Will Powers

There are many Will Powers at your disposal, so narrowing down your choices can be difficult. Here are the three that we've found to be the most useful, but feel free to experiment with these powers and find what works for you.:


From the get-go, we strongly suggest acquiring "Shock" and upgrading it to at least level 2. This handy ability allows you to shock nearby foes, temporarily stunning them. You can exploit this to shock them again while they're stunned, thereby killing them before they can react--awesome! Although this technique's effectiveness does diminish as the enemies get stronger later in the game.

Time Control

Time Control allows you to slow time, making it much easier to both evade attacks and target the enemies. In addition, upgrading it to level 2 allows you to teleport behind any selected foe for a sneak attack! This can be incredibly useful when dealing with some of the more powerful enemies.

Raise Dead

This handy spells summoned a horde of creatures to help you out. While they seemingly don't do much by themselves, they will distract the enemies allowing you to focus on them without being bombarded by attacks--it's indispensible for large battles, so keep it handy.


The epic journey of Fable 2 begins with you...being pooped on. Hmm, what kind of an adventure is this? Anyway, your sis, Rose, will dart off into town, begging you to follow. If you lose sight of her, simply follow the glowing trail which generally leads to your next objective.

You'll soon encounter a shady salesmen, as well as a mysterious women who'll offer to help you for 5 gold coins. Follow the glowing path to encounter salesmen, as well as a mysterious women who'll offer to help you for 5 gold coins, but where oh where will you get that kind of cash?

Albion's Most Wanted

Follow the glowing path to a citizen just ahead, who just so happens to have a task for you to do: Collect five warrant papers. The Reward? One gold coin. But we'll worry about that later.

Barnum's Image Capturing Device

After accepting Albion's quest, follow the glowing trail to find Barnum, who'll award you your first Gold Coin for just standing there and taking a picture-easy! Now carry on down the ally to find Rex causing some trouble. Teach him a lesson by bashing him with your stick repeatedly! After the bully retreats, continue onward down the street, but keep an eye out for your first Warrant for Arson on the right side of the street. Continue up a staircase to meet with Balthazar, who has an infestation problem.

The Beetle Hunt

It's up to you to destroy 5 beetles, though you'll be temped otherwise by Arfur, who'll confer with you through the window. He'll offer you a gold coin in exchange for wrecking the place--not nice! This is but the first of many good vs evil choices like this throughout Fable 2, and the choice is always up to you. However, this walkthrough was written with the "good" path in mind, so we suggest that be the path you follow.

The warrant papers are all pretty close to one another.
The warrant papers are all pretty close to one another.

Simply head upstairs to easily find the 5 beetles and pop a cap in each of them by tapping "Y." Once you've exterminated the beasts, you'll be awarded your second Gold Coin. After grabbing your reward, head back downstairs and check around the corner for the Warrant for Sneakiness by the dumpster. Now follow the trail to find some drunk guy and his not-so-happy girlfriend.

Tramp's Treasure

After accepting the drunk's request to retrieve his stolen bottle, look for the Warrant for Burglary by the dog, right of the couple. Now it's time to track down magpie, the beggar who stole the drunk's booze. Look for him in the corner, just past the stairwell leading to Bathazar. Carefully sneak around him to grab the Booze with Note on the right, then return to the couple. You can give the booze to either one, though giving it to Betty is the "good" path. You'll be given a Gold Coin and a Warrant for Gun toting either way,

Look for the final warrant, Warrant for Assault, by the lamp pole, just right of the couple (near where the dog was). Now that you have all 5, follow the glowing back to Albion. Along the way, you'll be harassed by Arfur again, who'll try and persuade you to hand over the warrants for gold. If you're trying to me good, skip by him and continue onward to Derek, who'll give you your fourth Gold Coin for finding the warrants.

Once you have all 5 gold pieces, purchase the music box from the salesman.
Once you have all 5 gold pieces, purchase the music box from the salesman.

With four coins collected, turn around and walk to the person across the street and listen in on their conversation. Speak to the poor sod afterward and accept his offer to deliver a letter to his beloved.

The Love Letter

After accepting Monty's proposal, he'll give you...Monty's Proposal. Take it to the house he was at before and knock on the door. Head inside, then dart upstairs and deliver the letter to the girl, who'll award you with the final Gold Piece.

With all five gold pieces in tow, speak with the shady salesman just outside to purchase the Music Box. Now follow the glowing trail up the street and try out the box by behind the tree. What? It disappeared! Oh bother! Follow your sis up the road to your humble abode, and get some shut eye.

You'll be startled awake by a mysterious man extending an invitation to Castle Fairfax. Meet with him up the street and accept their offer to be whisked away to the castle.

Castle Fairfax

Follow the butler down the hall to meet with Lucien. Stand on the circular podium when instructed

The Birth of a Hero

Wow, a lot has changed in the last 30 seconds...such as 10 years having passed in game time. It seems you have since befriended the stray dog from your childhood, as he'll follow you loyally at your side.

Anyway, enough chitter-chatter, follow the flowing trail to your caravan and open the nearby chest to acquire several items. Now return to Theresa via the glowing path. When you meet up with her, she'll give you the Bower Lake Tomb Seal. Now follow her to learn of the Lake Bower Temple.

The glowing trail will lead you to a lake you can swim across to reach the temple. But along the way, your dog will sniff out a spot you can dig, where you'll find the Rubber Ball. Oh, and keep an eye out for a Children's Health Potion inside a chest near the waterfront before swimming to the temple. When you reach the temple, check for a Silver Key on the right, then head inside the temple.

Look for a Silver Key, just right of the temple.
Look for a Silver Key, just right of the temple.

Find the Chamber of Fate

Dash down the stairs and dive through the hole into the water below. Follow the glowing path off a small drop-off and prepare for your first true enemy encounter: Giant Beetles. A few whacks of your sword will clear 'em out. But don't forget to hold the Right-Trigger to collect the experience orbs the enemies drop upon defeat. Before leaving, look for a Silver Key hidden behind a rock, just left of the exit.

Look for a glowing purple gate as you pass through the next cavern--head through to find a chest that awards a Money Bag (150 gold pieces). When you reach the closed gate, simply shoot the hovering switch with your crossbow to open the way. As you pass through the tunnel, explore a tunnel along the left wall to find a Rusty Mace inside a chest.

When you reach the water room, search a skeleton to the left for Brendan's Diary and one in the opposite corner for Erik's Letter. Follow the glowing trail through the tunnel, but check a skeleton on the right for Drake's Suicide Note. According to the note, there's a treasure hidden back in the water room--head back and look for a Dive Spot just a few meters from the cave entrance to find the Bewitching Augment.

Ripples in the water mark hidden treasure--dive to grab it.
Ripples in the water mark hidden treasure--dive to grab it.

As you follow the glowing trail, you'll encounter some flying insects--try taking them out using your crossbow. Although if they get close, your sword will work fine, too. You'll soon reach another locked door--stand on the pedestal and shoot the target. It will then relocate to just before you--slash it with your sword, then shoot it once more to open the way.

After the door, break off from the glowing path into a tunnel on the left to acquire 3 books from the fallen bookshelves, then look for two chests hidden in the back. Resume following the glowing trail across a bridge to a glowing pedestal.

Well, don't just stand there, step into the light! You'll now be able to cash in the experience points you've earned in order to upgrade your stats in one of three areas: Strength, Skill, and Will. While it's up to you to decide what stats you should upgrade, in order to leave this room, you will have to purchase at least one Will ability.

Once you have your Will power, use it to destroy the switch against the wall to open a portal that'll instantly warp you back to Bower Lake.

The Bandit

After warping, you'll find yourself surrounded by beetles! Take them down however you wish, though now may be a good time to try out your Will power in an offensive manner. Climb down the spiraling path, but turn left at the base and circle the mountain to find a chest. Now follow the glowing path leading to Bowserstone. Unfortunately, it seems the road has been blocked because of a bandit roaming around. If you kill him, you'll be able to enter the town.

Go to Thag's Camp

Follow the glowing trail to find the camp, where you'll be ambushed by numerous bandits. Because the bandits are only equipped with swords, keep your distance and hammer them with whatever projectiles you have (whether it be the crossbow or magic). If you happen to have Shock, you'll find it can stun your foes, allowing you to narrow your focus to just those standing.

Once you've defeated the bandits, Thag will emerge from his abode and challenge you to a duel. Although stronger than his minions, he's quite slow, meaning projectiles are again effective. Although if you see an opening, a few sword strikes may be all it takes to defeat him.

The Journey Begins

Meet Theresa in Bowserstone Market

With Thag defeated, head inside his shack and open the chest for Thag's Cage Key (as well as some other goodies) and use it to free the prisoners. However, as you attempt to do so, a man who identifies himself as the prisoners' owner will attempt to persuade you otherwise. The choice is yours, but if you plan to do the right thing, free the prisoners...but prepare for the owner to attack you for doing such.

To free or not to free the prisoners, that is the question.
To free or not to free the prisoners, that is the question.

Now that Thag's defeated, follow the glowing trail back to Bowserstone Market, which is no longer blocked off. Follow the glowing path to the town's square, where Theresa will inform you she's running a bit late.

Explore Bowserstown

In the meantime, you can explore the town and take on a job as a blacksmith to earn some fast cash--look for it to the north (in the right corner of the town's square, if looking away from the bridge). The instructions are simple: Tap A as the bar cross over the green zone for a perfect hit. However, the green zone shrinks as time wears on, so try to get it on the first pass. The amount you're paid increases the better you do, and the amount rises consecutively with each properly forged item.

Meet Theresa in Bowserstone Market

Once Theresa finally makes it to market (after five minutes), meet with her by the tower. Follow her as she walks, then take a look at the Spire when instructed to learn more.

Find the Abbot in Oakfield

The glowing path will eventually lead you to Oakfield, but you have quite a ways to travel. Along the way, you'll encounter several groups of bandits. The first batch are located both on the ground and on a ledge above. Seek cover behind the nearby broken wall for protection, then use your crossbow to target the enemies. Once they're down, you can access a chest they were guarding on the ridge via an alternate path to the right, just a little ways ahead. Subsequently, keep an eye out for a bridge on the left that leads to a statue--look for a Silver Key behind it.

When you find the bandits on the ridge, use the broken wall for cover.
When you find the bandits on the ridge, use the broken wall for cover.

You'll soon encounter another group of bandits--hang back and cross bow 'em too, and then look for a chest shortly after. A third group of enemies can be found sleeping peacefully in a camp--the crossbow will allow you to take them out before they even know what happened. Explore the camp afterward to find a chest amongst some rocks and a dig spot.

Upon reaching the destroyed bridge, your adventure may appear to have come to a premature end. But fear not, for you're an expert diver. Dive off the bridge and into the waters below. Swim along the glowing path to reach a shoreline. As you climb ashore, a man named Herman will approach and beg for your help in rescuing his kid who got lost in a nearby cave. Before following the trail inside, check the right side of the beach for a Dig Spot.

Hobbe Cave

Upon entering the cave, check for a Dive Spot in the pool to the right. Now follow the glowing trail to encounter three indigenous cave trolls. They're weak, so a few sword swipes or magic attacks should be all that's required. Afterward, look for a Dig Spot in the corner, then follow the glowing path up the ramp. After passing the fifth wooden platform, you'll find a ledge you can leap to ahead--follow this secret path for a chest at the end.

As you trudge through the cavern, you'll be ambushed by more trolls. They also shouldn't give you much trouble, though you can try using shock to slow them down, or blasting them with the crossbow from the doorway you just came through.

Find Another Way Around the Locked Door

Hmm, it seems the tunnel has been blocked by a door. No worries, there's a nearby tunnel the right that will allow you to continue. Head to the bottom floor of the room beyond and use your sword to bust through the wooden barricade. Continue onward, but prepare for more troll encounters--remember shock and slash. When you reach the exit of the sprawling cavern, hop off the ledge near the exit to find a chest, then exit the cave via the ladder.

After exiting the cave, you'll find yourself on the other half of the broken bridge. Take down the punks who were teasing you before, then check out shack attached to the building you came from for some items, then look for a Silver Key around back.

Follow the glowing path up the mountain, but keep an eye out for a treasure chest hidden by the entrance into a mine.

Talk to the Abbot in Oakfield

As you follow the glowing trail, make a pit stop in Oakfield upon reaching the purple fence on the right--check inside the house beyond for a Silver Key. Also, when you come across a lake, look for a very obvious Silver Key by some columns on the left. Now continue your trek up the hillside to the temple, where you'll meet the Abbot.

See the Silver Key, by the lake? Yeah, we thought so.
See the Silver Key, by the lake? Yeah, we thought so.

Impress the Abbot by Earning Renown from Quests and Other Deeds

Hmm, it seems the Abbot isn't easily impressed. Looks like you'll have to perform several good deeds in order to earn his goodwill. Follow the glowing trail to a bar and look for Barnum upstairs (that's right, the same Barnum who took your photo as a child) and accept his mission.

A Bridge Too Far

Follow the glowing trail to the Rookridge Inn, where you'll be ambushed by several bandits. Seek cover by the fireplace (since the overhang above will shield you from enemies on the balcony) and use your crossbow to kill those that come down the stairs after you. Once clear, check a room on the upper floor for a chest, then follow the glowing trail outside the inn. You'll soon come across a wooden structure with more bandits--shock and slash them, then open the nearby chest.

Before crossing the railroad tracks, look for a chest to the left, by a Mine entrance. Eventually, you'll find the bandit leader, Dart, hanging out on a stone platform. Use your crossbow to kill him, thereby completing the objective. Now open the chest just beyond, before following the path back to Barnum in the Oakfield Bar (remember, you can travel there instantly by using the map on the pause screen).

Completing the quest has definitely improved your notoriety, but it's still not enough to impress the Abbot. There are several quests available, and you can view them from your pause screen. Although many will earn you the Abbot's respect, we'll outline the specifics for "Til Death Do Us Part."

Til Death Do Us Part

What a bitter soul.
What a bitter soul.

Follow the glowing trail to find a sad ghost, named Victor, by a statue. Turns out he's still bitter about his ex-girlfriend's lack of commitment and wants you to repay her in kind. Accept his quest, then travel back to Bowserstone Market's town square (remember, you can do so quickly from the map screen) and look for his ex, Alex, on the bridge. Now your first task is to woo her--the fastest way is to read the book that Victor gave you, The Art of Seduction, to learn the Seduction expression. Now simply use that expression (along with any other social or flirty ones) to win her heart.

After gaining her affection, you will be presented with a choice: Give her Victor's rejection note, or destroy it and marry her instead. Again, the choice is yours, but destroying the note is obviously the "right" choice (and if you do choose to shackle up, you'll have to give her a ring, then find a place to live--the gypsy shack back in Bower lake is cheap, if you're low on cash). Regardless of what you choose, return to Victor afterward to complete this task, which should impress the Abbot enough for you to accept his quest, so return to him now at the Temple of Light.

The Ritual

Meet the Monk at the Cave

If you've impressed Abbot, he'll inform you of a task he has in mind: escorting a monk into the cave. Follow the glowing path to find her resting on top of a stone wall. After some formalities, head down the stairs and into the cave.

Just follow the glowing trail to find the central chamber. Once there, you'll have to proceed through three doors to grab some water, but only one can be activated at a time, which Hannah will take care of for you. Continue through the first door to find two switches at the end--stand on the right one while Hannah takes the left, then wait here until she fills her jar with the flowing water. Now before returning to the central chamber, look for a Silver Key just behind the platform you're on.

Lightning and crossbow--that's what it's all about.
Lightning and crossbow--that's what it's all about.

As you try and work your way back to the central chamber, several creatures called "Hollow Men" will appear. Even worse, they'll hell bent on ignoring you and will go straight for Hannah, so you'll have to take them down quick. Because the path is thin, using Shock can stop them all in their track as they attempt to run by--slash them while they're stunned, then quickly shock them again. Rinse and repeat until they're all gone, then return to the Central Chamber.

Once back in the Central Chamber, Hannah will open the second door. Climb the stairs to the switch and get ready to mount a defense from here--try using your projectile shock to stun the enemies, then follow-up with a crossbow. It's easier than it seems, just make sure you keep the enemies away from her. Once done, return to the chamber.

Back in the main chamber, Hannah will open the third and final door. Head inside, but stay close to her, as a swarm of Hollow Men are about to attack. An easy way to tackle them is to simply let them group around you and Hannah, then shock them relentlessly--they won't be able to do anything, and the magic attack will eventually kill them. However, a Headless Hollowman will soon appear, who's significantly more powerful than the rest. Keep your distance (otherwise he'll nail you with a shock power of his own) and either use your projectile magic (like Shock) or weapons (such as the crossbow to do him in.

With the Hollowmen taken care of, continue into the next room and step on the switch to activate a story sequence. Follow Hannah through the tunnel--your mission here is done.

The Hero of Strength

Follow the glowing trail to witness a murder and attend its subsequent burial. All done!

Once you're done grieving, return to the Guild Cave.
Once you're done grieving, return to the Guild Cave.

Return to the Guild to Receive Instructions from Theresa

Before warping to the Chamber of Fate inside the Guild Cave (via your map), make sure to grab a Silver Key next to some hay (on the right) shortly after leaving the grave site. Once back at the guild, Theresa will explain your next objective.

Go to Brightwood

Take the warp point to Bower Lake and follow the glowing trail to Brightwood.

Go to the top of Brightwood Tower

Once in Brightwood, the glowing path will lead you to the tower. But you may want to make a detour at the first sign, early on, and head left instead to find a Silver Key at the end. However, as you reach the base of the temple, you'll encounter a new type of enemy, called spire guards. They're much stronger than previous enemies you've faced, and are relatively resistant to magic attacks. Ideally, you want to attack them using melee weaponry from behind, and the easiest way to do such is to use the Time Control ability to instantly warp behind them.

As you enter the tower, look for a chest at the base of the stairs, then climb the stairs. More Spire guards will attack--you may to back away and battle them in a more open setting. Once you reach the top, you'll witness a cinematic that concludes this mission. Now return to Theresa in the Chamber of Fate.

The Bargain

Go to Bowserstone Market

Stay back and pummel his glowing red points with arrows or bullets.
Stay back and pummel his glowing red points with arrows or bullets.

After meeting with Theresa, head to the Bowerstone Market by walking or warping. Now enter the pub and head upstairs to meet with Jeeves, who's in possession of the diary you seek. Pay him the 1,000 gold he requests...but where's the diary? Yeah, that scumbag doesn't even have it on him, instead providing you with a map of where he buried it! What a guy!

Head back to Bowser Lake and follow the golden path to where Lucien's Diary should be buried. The only problem is its covered by a very large tree-troll thing. Thankfully, he's stuck in place and has slow attacks, meaning killing him is a breeze. Just keep your distance and fire your projectile weapon at the glowing red spots on his body; most are on the front, but a few can be found on his backside as well. As for his attacks, simply roll away to avoid the rocks he throws and stand aside when he pounds the ground to avoid the resulting shockwave.

Once he's dead, dig in the spot he was covering to retrieve the diary, then return to the Chamber of Fate and give it to Lucera.

Road to Westcliff

Meet Hammer in Brightwood

Use the warp point and follow the glowing trail to Brightwood. Once in Brightwood, you'll encounter quite a few enemies as you follow the path to Hammer, but thankfully the local guards will assist in your battles. After regrouping with Hammer, follow the glowing trail onward.

You'll come across more bandits soon enough--look for a Dig Spot by the first batch, then a chest amongst some a caravans on the left further up the trail. Immediately after the caravans, look for a Silver Key on a ledge you can drop to on the left. After dropping from a few more ledge, you'll wind up on a road before with more bandits. Take them down, then look for a chest on the other side of a low-wall you can hop, before you continue following the main path. Finally, look for a chest and dig spot by a light on the right side, just before the bridge.

After crossing the bridge, let Hammer smash through the wooden barricade, but prepare for a massive fight with some more bandits on the other side. Remember, you can always back up along the bridge if you need some space. Once clear, explore the camp to find a trio of chests: One atop the tower ahead, another behind the columns to the right, and the third behind a shack just right of the bridge.

Get ready for some bandits on the other side of that door.
Get ready for some bandits on the other side of that door.

Upon entering Westcliff, look for a chest early on to the left to obtain the Steel Cutlass--you may want to equip it now if you've been neglecting purchasing better items, as some fierce battles are with a creature called balverines are coming up. They're quick, so get ready to roll out of their way and use Time Control to slow them down, then use it again to warp behind them for melee attacks.

You'll soon meet up with Lilith, a woman who's husband was killed by the balverines. You'll have to escort her along the path until you reach a door leading to the Howling Halls. Of course, you'll encounter a few more balverines along the way, but thankfully only in groups of one or two. Once you reach the stairwell leading down to the door, look for a chest behind the columns to the right, then continue into the Howling Hall.

Inside the Howling Hall's, look for a Dig Spot on the right. When you reach the main chamber, a few more balverines await--take them down like before. Afterward, you'll discover that there's no way to cross the chasm in the room...that is until Hammer gets the idea to knock down a pillar, creating a bridge. But you'll have to defend her from a particularly nasty creature. Your best option is to slow him down using Time Control, then using it again (level 2) to warp behind him and attacking. Unfortunately, he likes to jump around, so be quick with the attacks. Once he's down, cross over the pillar that Hammer drops, look for a chest to the left, then continue onward.

Check the right side of the next main room for a chest, then grab a Silver Key from a room at the top of the spiral staircase. It won't be long before you reach a door that returns you to Westcliff.

The Crucible

Speak to Mad-dog

The Crucible awaits.
The Crucible awaits.

It's good to be outdoors, isn't it? Follow the glowing trail through town, ignoring the hecklers. You'll find Mad-dog atop the long staircase leading into the Crucible. After speaking with him, you'll discover he'll only allow you to proceed if you have 2,500 renown points. If you don't, it's time to get cracking on some more quests, accessible via the pause screen menu. Choose whichever you like, though if you have the cash to spare, you'll find the Westcliff Development quest to be the fastest method.

Once you have the required amount of renown points, return to Mad-dog, who'll now allow you inside the Crucible. Turns out, you're now taking part in a local spectator sport, only you're not a spectator. No, you'll have to battle your way through eight chambers, as three waves of enemies come after you in each, getting progressively stronger with each one.

Truth be told, it's not that difficult, since dying has little consequence. However, what is difficult is killing the enemies inside each chamber within the optional "target time"--doing so nets you additional rewards. In addition, the more you impress the audience (by using combos, not taking damage, and all-around being awesome) the more cash you'll earn. After each third round, you'll have the opportunity to purchase more items/weapons from a merchant before continuing on. The final room concludes with another tree troll, almost identical to the one you attacked before. Keep your distance and use your projectiles to target his red weak points.

After successfully completing the Crucible, meet with Hammer at the base of the stairs to begin your next quest: The Spire.

The Spire

The Spire quest is a long and time-consuming journey. As such, if you have other things you wish to accomplish, now's the time to do so. Whenever you're ready to depart, board the boat by the dock (just outside the Crucible).

Alright, so the first few segments are real basic. Just follow the glowing trail, stopping occasionally for some required conversations. Eventually, you'll meet up with the Commandant , who'll test your obedience. If you obey, all is well. But if you refuse, you'll progressively lose more and more experience points, permanently.

Try to isolate the Commandant from the guards, then lay into him.
Try to isolate the Commandant from the guards, then lay into him.

When week 38 rolls around, you'll be ordered to guard a few prisoners while your colleague runs off to grab some lunch. At this point, you have the options of feeding the inmates (by pulling the switches next to each cage) or letting them starve. Giving them food earns you good points, but costs you experience for disobeying. Letting them starve, however, puts you one step closer to the dark side. The choice is yours.

During week 137, you'll be instructed to kill a man. After accepting the sword, you have three choices: Kill the man, ignore the order, or attack the Commandant himself. Obviously attacking the Commandant will net you the most "good" points, but it'll also cost you the most experience. Again, it's up to you.

Eventually, you'll be instructed to find the body of a missing guard. The glowing trail leads you right to it--search the corpse for several weapons and items. Garth will then appear and free you of your collar, allowing you to use Will powers at will. Good thing too, since you'll have to battle your way past numerous guards back to the Commandment. The guards, though strong, are highly vulnerable to charged melee attacks (if you've acquired that skill), otherwise you may want to use Time Control to warp behind them.

When you reach the Commandment, you'll have to put him down for good. Unfortunately, he'll be assisted by a group of guards that slowly appear--make use of this delay and attack him relentlessly while you have the chance using basic melee attacks (charge 'em up if you can). Once the guards begin to outnumber you, try using Will powers to keep them at bay--we found Force Push to be effective.

With the Commandant defeated, you'll have to battle your way back to the ship--or you can just run past them to reach it. Do as you wish.

The Cullis Gate


After reuniting with Theresa and your dog, you have one more person to meet with: Hammer! Follow the glowing trail to the Rookridge Inn to find her. After catching up, you'll have some time to kill until Theresa calls you to the Guild, so feel free to take on some quests, among other things.

Before long. Theresa will beckon you--meet her inside the Guild Cave. After some chitchat, follow them through the warp to Bower Lake. Follow the trail to regroup, then trail Garth all the way to the top of a tower. Along the way, you'll battle some more guards, as well as something called a spire shard--keep your distance and use your long-range Will attacks to take it down.

Once atop the tower, you'll have to protect Garth from the guards as he tries to open a power up the gate-if he comes under attack, it'll delay the process (but that's it--he won't die, so don't sweat it too much). Although the initial enemies that appear are weak, stronger ones will soon emerge. Stay close to Garth and unleash flourish attacks to easily take them down.

As soon as Garth opens the gate, head on through whenever your ready, as the stream of enemies won't stop until you do.


Kill the Banshee's minions, then target it with Will powers.
Kill the Banshee's minions, then target it with Will powers.

What's this? You're trapped in a cage? Wait for the story sequence to play out, then grab the Cage Key that your dog brings back and use it to break free. Now step into the murky waters and hang a right and follow that wall underneath a bridge to find a chest. Now follow the glowing trail onward.

It won't be long before you encounter a new creepy enemy, known as the Banshee. These guys are immune to everything but Will attacks, so stay close and unleash whichever offensive Will attack you've leveled up the most (we found Inferno to work quite nicely). The Banshee will also spawn miniature Hollowmen on occasion, during which time she's immune to all attacks--either use Will or brute force to take them down, then resume attacking the Banshee.

Once the Banshee's defeated, follow the glowing trail onward. Eventually, you'll reach a fork in the road, with a high and low path. Follow the ramp up, and continue onward up a staircase--hang a right at the top to find a chest. You'll soon come across another banshee, battle her like before, but make sure to check the nearby cabin afterward for a chest.

As you near the end of the marsh, you'll encounter yet another variant on the Tree Troll. The basic strategy is the same: Use your projectile weapon to target the red weak points, and roll to avoid his attacks. However, you'll also have to battle the occasional Hollow Man who appears, though a few melee attacks should do them in. Once clear, continue onward to Bloodstone.

The Hero of Skill

Follow the glowing trail through town to find Reaver inside his house. Unfortunately, he won't help you out unless your renown points equal 20,000 or more. If you don't meet this requirement, it's time to tackle some side quests! You'll find that Love Hurts and Rescuing Charlie quests to be your best bets to quickly rack up some points. Once you have enough, meet again with Reaver and pick up the Reaver's Dark Seal from the table then follow the glowing trail to a door in Wraithmarsh that leads into the Shadow Court.

Battle the Giant Shard from either the hill on the right or atop the structure to the left.
Battle the Giant Shard from either the hill on the right or atop the structure to the left.

Inside the Shadow Court, the glowing trail will eventually lead you to the seal's owner. But you'll have to deal with a few traps and several enemies first. When you reach the spiked floor, time your run across so the spikes are underground as you pass over, then open the chest on the other side. You'll soon reach a room that you can only proceed through once you've killed all of the creatures, including some balverines. Once clear, look for a wall along the left side that you can bust through for a Silver Key, then follow the glowing trail out of the room and drop through a hole to meet up with a crying woman.

After meeting with her, you have two options: Sacrifice yourself, or sacrifice the girl by giving her the seal. Obviously the choice is yours, but the "good" choice is to sacrifice yourself by keeping the seal, but beware that your character will now appear to age drastically. Once done, look for a chest on the way out, as you follow the glowing trail back to Reaver.

Follow Reaver through his super secret passage to the cellar and look for a chest behind the large barrels. Now as you follow the glowing path, you'll be attacked by numerous guards--although there's a lot of them, the basic tactics are the same. However, many explosive barrels line the path, which can be helpful in taking down groups of enemies. Oh, and be sure to keep an out for a couple of chests along the way, such as in a cave at the top of the first cavern (where the enemies first attack), then another down the left branch of the mine cart track.

Eventually, you'll emerge outside and regroup with Hammer and Garth, but the party won't last long as a Giant Shard is about to appear and spawn multiple waves of enemies--focus on taking them down first, then climb either the hill to the right or the structure to the left to target the Shard using your highest-level projectile Will power, but get ready to tackle more enemy waves when they spawn. Also, be on the lookout for a red beam that shard emits, as this precedes a strong attack that you'll have to dodge with a roll. You'll be done with him soon enough.

The Weapon

Enjoy your life on the farm, as it's only going to last for the day.
Enjoy your life on the farm, as it's only going to last for the day.

Stand in the glowing circle when instructed and watch as stuff happens. You'll soon wind up back at the farm...as a child. You have the whole day to mess around, so feel free to shoot the bottles, return the chickens to their pen, or kill the bugs in the field. It doesn't much matter--just have fun until the sun sets, at which time you should return to the house and get some shut eye.

Afterward, you'll find Lucien giving a speech or something--use the Music Box to take him down! Finally, you'll have to make a choice between three options: Sacrifice, Love, and Wealth. Choosing sacrifice is the "most good" option and will net you both good and purity points, but nothing else. Love will provide you with good points and bring your dog back to life. And wealth gives you a million dollars. Choose wisely!

Xbox 360 Achievements

Note that there are Spoilers on this list.

Achievement NameHow To EarnReward
The Pooch PampererPlay fetch with your dog, or see another Hero's dog play.5
The ArchaeologistDig up something the dog has discovered, or see another Hero do so.5
The Dog TrainerTeach your dog a trick, or see another Hero's dog learn one.5
The PersuaderConvince a villager to give you a present, or see another Hero do so.5
The Show-offImpress a villager with a perfect expression, or see another Hero do so.5
The RomanticTake a villager on a perfect date, or tag along to one. Location and expressions are all-important.10
The SpouseMarry a villager, or attend the wedding of another Hero.10
The ParentHave a child, or be there for the birth of another Hero's child.10
The HunterKill a sweet, innocent, fluffy bunny rabbit (remember, safety's off!)5
The GargoyleFind the gargoyles' legendary treasure.25
The Chicken KickerKick a chicken a good distance, or see one getting kicked.5
The Cliff DiverCliff dive 500 feet, or see another Hero do so.5
The WorkhorseA Hero must achieve a high-enough chain while performing a job.10
The Hero of Many NamesChange your Hero's title, or see another Hero change theirs.5
The TeaserMake bandits respond to expressions with fear, anger, mirth, and confusion... during combat!5
The Property MagnateA property must be sold for twice the price it was bought for.10
The RogueSteal something undetected from a building while there are people nearby, or see another Hero do so.5
The Illustrated HeroTattoo every part of your Hero's body, or see another Hero do so.5
The ExecutionerSacrifice ten people in the Temple of Shadows, or see another Hero do so.10
The GamblerA Hero must win 500 gold at a pub game in one sitting, having tried each game type at least once.10
The BigamistGet married a second time, whilst already married, or attend the second wedding of another Hero.10
The SwingerTake part in a debauched bedroom party with several participants.5
The Pied PiperStart a party where at least five villagers are dancing, or see another Hero do so.10
The Party AnimalGet five villagers drunk in under three minutes, or see another Hero do so10
The Menace To SocietyCommit an act of public indecency, or see another Hero commit one.5
The Black KnightShoot the weapons from a hollow man's hands, blow off his head and then kill him for good!10
The DuellistString together a full-speed chain attack, or see another Hero do so.10
The SharpshooterHit three enemies with one shot, or see another Hero do so.10
The ArchmageA Hero must kill five human enemies with one spell.10
The Ruler of AlbionAmass a 2.5 million gold real estate empire, or be there when another Hero does.100
The HoarderCollect every silver key, or see another Hero do so.25
The GothA Hero must dye their hair black, and wear a black outfit and black makeup5
The CompletionistGet all expressions, pet tricks and abilities, or see another Hero do so.50
The ParagonReach 100% good or evil, or see another Hero do so.15
The ExtremistReach 100% purity or corruption, or see another Hero do so.15
The CelebrityReach 50,000 renown, or see another Hero do so.50
The ArtisanSucceed at one job to Level 5, or see another Hero do so.10
The DollcatcherCollect all the Hero dolls, or see another Hero collect them.10
The MuseInspire the Bard to compose songs celebrating your great deeds.5
The CompanionsPerform a perfect co-op expression.10
The Double ThreatGet a co-op combat bonus.10
The PhilanthropistSend a gift to an Xbox LIVE friend, or watch another Hero send one.10
The WhippersnapperA child Hero must collect five gold pieces.25
The New HeroThe terror of Bower Lake must be defeated.50
The Hero of StrengthComplete The Hero of Strength.100
The Hero of WillComplete The Hero of Will.100
The Hero of SkillComplete The Hero of Skill.100
The SacrificeA Hero must choose 'The Needs of the Many'.25
The FamilyA Hero must choose 'The Needs of The Few'.25
The EgomaniacA Hero must choose 'The Needs of the One'.25

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