Exclusive Golem Screenshots

Longsoft Games sends us a group of exclusive screenshots from its upcoming postapocalyptic strategy game.


Polish developer Longsoft Games has sent us exclusive screenshots from its upcoming strategy game Golem. The game takes place long after a mysterious catastrophe released massive amounts of radiation. The radiation melted the earth's poles, causing widespread floods that consumed most of the earth's dry land. Three groups of humanoids were able to survive the floods, and these groups have since come into conflict. It is during this conflict that the game takes place.

These screenshots display some of the units and structures of the United Clan, one of the three competing species. The United Clan is the group most similar to modern humans. Their society resembles that of medieval Europe, and their special ability is the use of magic. Their assortment of 18 spells include: Rat's Stinky Breath, which is used to infect enemy vessels; Wind Light, which increases sight range; Wrath of Gods, which invokes a destructive lightning storm; and Genome Fungus, which causes the affected unit to lose health and infect other nearby units.

We'll have more exclusive screenshots of and information about the other two species next week. For more information about Golem, read our previous story about the game.

Golem is scheduled for release in December.

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