Golem Announced

Polish studio Leryx Longsoft reveals details about its upcoming post-apocalyptic strategy game. New screenshots inside.


Poland-based Leryx Longsoft has announced its upcoming strategy game Golem. The post-apocalyptic game takes place long after a strange catastrophe released large amounts of radiation and melted the polar ice caps, causing a devastating flood to sweep over Earth. It features three races: one that is standard human and two others made up of humans that have been mutated by the radiation. These three races have come into conflict, and it is during this conflict that the game takes place.

The game features strategic naval combat, base building, resource management, trade, and technology research. Players choose one of the three races, each of which has distinct capabilities and research advancements. The United Clan society is made up of biologically standard humans who have magical abilities and can cast a variety of spells. The Genes have genetically mutated bodies that resemble insects and share a common consciousness through telepathy. They possess a number of advanced evolutionary combat abilities. Cytexes have accelerated intelligence due to mutation and use their technological advancements to defeat their enemies.

If you can read Polish and would like to find more information about Golem, take a look at the Leryx Longsoft official web site. GameSpot will have more information about Golem as we draw closer to the scheduled release date in December.

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