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Enshrouded Respec - How To Reset Skill Points And Get More Runes

Gather more Runes so you can respec your skill points in Enshrouded.


Enshrouded has you venturing further into the unknown to face deadly foes and tough challenges. Naturally, you'll earn experience points and level up along the way. However, once you've unlocked certain perks for your build, you might be wondering if you're stuck with it forever. Here's our respec guide on how to get Runes and reset your skill points in Enshrouded.

How to gather Runes and reset skill points in Enshrouded

You can reset your skill points in Enshrouded by selecting the relevant option when interacting with the Flame Altar at your base. It really is that simple, so you won't need to worry about intricate mechanics at all.

However, the first time you do this costs 10 Runes. As such, you'll want to acquire more of this currency as you progress just in case you're unhappy with your build.

Any Flame Altar you construct will have the option to reset your skill points.
Any Flame Altar you construct will have the option to reset your skill points.

Where to find Runes

You can find Runes in Enshrouded through a variety of ways. The currency itself is fairly common, which is why you're likely to acquire hundreds of these as you boost your character further.

  • Enemy drops - Hostiles that you defeat (i.e. cursed foes in Shroud-covered areas) tend to drop Runes frequently.
  • Containers and chests - Runes can be found inside containers and chests as random loot.
  • Salvaging items - In some cases, you can right-click on certain items that you've crafted. Select the Salvage button to dismantle it, which can yield Runes in return.
Enemies you slay tend to drop Runes.
Enemies you slay tend to drop Runes.

This is how you get more Runes to reset skill points in Enshrouded. Likewise, it's a given that you'd plan on grabbing the ideal perks, too. We'll have a best skills/perks guide soon, so stay tuned.

Enshrouded is an open-world survival game where you explore cursed lands that are covered in deadly mists. For more tips, you can check out our guides hub.

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