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Enshrouded - Guides Hub

Seek out the Flame that lights the way in Enshrouded's darkened world.


Enshrouded is an open-world survival game where you have to explore mysterious locations and craft better gear to face tough challenges. From a slew of resources and materials to intricate mechanics, you're bound to feel overwhelmed. Thankfully, we've got an Enshrouded guides hub to help you with various features and concepts.

Enshrouded guides hub

Our Enshrouded guides hub focuses primarily on early-to-mid-game facets, which you're likely to tackle or encounter within the first few hours of starting your run.

General tips and mechanics

Beginner's guide - We've got a bunch of tips to keep your character in tip-top condition.

Flame Altar upgrades and strengthening - The Flame acts as a central point for your base. You can upgrade its altar, as well as strengthen its powers. Doing so grants permanent boons for the rest of your playthrough.

How to survive longer in the Shroud - The Shroud is the decrepifying thick fog that blankets numerous areas. Traversing these places isn't for the faint of heart, since you'll often need to rush to find safe zones. However, there are also methods that help you survive for prolonged periods.

How to reset skill points and gather Runes - You'll allocate skill points as you level up, but you need to spend Runes if you want to respec.

How to cast spells - Acquire spell charges and blast your foes with magic.

Crafting and base building mechanics

How to craft the Glider - This particular tool allows you to course through the air to reach distant locations.

How to craft the Grappling Hook - This device lets you pull yourself to swing across chasms and clamber onto ledges.

How to craft Backpack Extensions - These items increase your inventory slots so you can carry more loot.

Base building tips - We've got several tips to help you with your initial setup for your home base.

Rescued NPCs

Blacksmith objectives, manual crafting, and workbench usage - This guide discusses how to rescue the Blacksmith NPC to gain his services.

Hunter NPC - The Hunter lets you make use of various fur and leather items.

Alchemist NPC - The Alchemist helps those who love to use magic.

Carpenter NPC - The Carpenter has even more blueprints for your furniture and fixtures.

Farmer NPC - The farmer allows you to grow and harvest crops.

We'll add more articles to our Enshrouded guides hub, so stay tuned.

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