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Enshrouded Base Building Guide

Get started with your home base in Enshrouded.


Enshrouded sees your character exploring the great unknown. Given that you'll face numerous dangers, it's often important to find safety in your home. Here's our Enshrouded base building guide to help you get started with some early-game tips.

Enshrouded base building guide

When it comes to base building in Enshrouded, there are a few facets (and tools) that you need to remember:

  • The Flame Altar acts as the central point of your base, which means you can build structures within its borders/radius. This structure can also be upgraded and strengthened. You can learn more in our Flame Altar guide.
  • You'll want to craft the following tools:
    • Construction Hammer - Requires 1x Stone; lets you place large objects.
    • Workbench - Requires 3x String and 8x Wood Logs; lets you craft blocks and furniture; instantly repairs items.
    • Rough Stone Block, Rough Wood Block, and Plant Fiber Roof Block - Each stack (100x blocks) requires 2x Stone, 2x Wood, and 5x Plant Fiber, respectively. These materials are used when constructing base and building foundations.
    • Axe - Requires 4x Twigs, 1x Stone, and 1x String; speeds up and increases yields when chopping down trees.
    • Pickaxe - Requires 4x Twigs, 1x Stone, and 1x String; has a small radius that lets you smash stone and dig for dirt.
  • Rescue the Blacksmith - The Blacksmith NPC provides additional crafting functions and blueprints. You can refer to our Blacksmith guide if you need more help.
The Construction Hammer is one of the most important tools in the game.
The Construction Hammer is one of the most important tools in the game.

Manually placing objects versus using the Construction Hammer

There are two methods related to base building in Enshrouded. One is egregiously tiresome, and the other offers a smoother experience:

  • Manual building - This entails placing block stacks from your inventory to your action keys, then selecting that item. You then need to place each block down, which is painstakingly annoying. On a positive note, it does let you create some intricate designs and shapes, if you're interested in doing that.
  • Construction Hammer - All you need to do is assign the Construction Hammer to one of your action keys. Select it, then press the tab key (keyboard) or the left trigger/LT button (Xbox gamepad) to activate Building Mode. This will show an interface where you can choose from various categories of structures and objects. After picking one, simply place it on a spot to instantly construct it.

Note: We recommend enabling the "Use Snapping" option here. You can activate it by pressing the "X" key (keyboard) or the right thumbstick/R3 button (gamepad). This causes floors, walls, roofs, and other objects to "snap," basically attaching and aligning themselves to another structure.

Manually placing each block (left) is a lot more tiresome compared to just using the Construction Hammer (right).

Creating a small house

Let's put the Construction Hammer to good use by creating a small house for your character:

  • Use the Workbench to craft lots of Rough Stone Blocks and a few Plant Fiber Roof Blocks. You'll also want a couple of Wooden Window Frames and a Crude Wooden Door.
  • Activate Building Mode via the Construction Hammer.
  • Select the 2M or 4M category and pick any type of foundation option. Plop these down on the ground.
  • Place walls around the foundations, making sure that they "snap" accordingly. One wall part should have a door frame. Likewise, it's up to you if you want certain walls to have window frames, too.
  • Select the 2M Roofs or 4M Roofs category (depending on the type of foundation or walls that you built). Place the roof parts above the walls.
  • Attach the Crude Wooden Door and the Wooden Window Frames to their respective wall parts.

That's it: your character finally has a small house in Enshrouded. There are still a few things left to do since we need some furniture and fixtures.

It's nice to have a small hut that you can return to from time to time.
It's nice to have a small hut that you can return to from time to time.

Improving your character's comfort and stamina

To improve your character's comfort when building a base in Enshrouded, you need to make sure that you're well-rested and there's a nearby source of warmth:

  • Campfire (Manual Crafting menu) - Requires 2x Wood Logs; gives off warmth and lets you cook food.
  • Crude Mattress (Workbench menu) - Requires 4x Plant Fiber, 3x String, and 4x Torn Cloth; lets your character sleep. Take note that sleeping only speeds up the time (i.e. day-night cycle). It doesn't automatically change the time from day to night, or vice versa.
Being well-rested grants bonuses to your stamina regeneration.
Being well-rested grants bonuses to your stamina regeneration.

Inventory and storage

With limited inventory space, you need to have extra storage and containers for all sorts of materials and items. You can do this by crafting the Small Chest (don't even bother with the Tiny Chest). The Small Chest is made using the Workbench, and it requires 6x Nails and 6x Wood Logs.

The container has 24 slots, so you should certainly place base-related objects inside it if you're about to head out and explore. As an aside, resources placed inside storage chests aren't counted as part of the tally when you're crafting or building structures. We do think that's an odd design decision. In any case, make sure you put the materials back in your inventory in case you need them.

Be sure to have enough inventory space by storing materials that you don't need to bring when heading out on an adventure.
Be sure to have enough inventory space by storing materials that you don't need to bring when heading out on an adventure.

That does it for our Enshrouded base building guide. These are just some tips to get you started on your journey. Later on, you'll meet up with more NPCs, and you'll gain access to more advanced structures and materials.

Enshrouded is an open-world survival game where you explore cursed lands that are covered in deadly mists. For more tips, you can check out our guides hub.

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