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EA's Future Games Lineup Is an "Embarrassment of Riches," Exec Says

"It's a high class problem to have."


Publishing giant Electronic Arts has labeled its lineup of upcoming games as an "embarrassment of riches." Speaking this week as part of the Credit Suisse Technology, Media, and Telecom conference, EA COO Peter Moore said fans of EA games have a lot to look forward to in the year ahead.

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"It's a little bit of an embarrassment of riches particularly in [fiscal year 2017], which commences for us on April 1, 2016," Moore said in response to a question about EA's upcoming lineup. "We've got some of our core franchises; a new Battlefield coming up, a new Mass Effect title coming up; we actually kick off the year with Mirror's Edge Catalyst, which we pushed out of FY 16 and into FY 17.

"And we also have Mass Effect Andromeda from our BioWare studio. And Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is shipping in Q4 of this [fiscal] year."

The new Battlefield is the only game mentioned here that EA has not fully revealed just yet. Outside of confirming its existence and the release window, EA has said only that it will be a military-style game. We also don't know much about Andromeda, though we'd expect many more details in 2016.

Moore's comments came in response to a question about some concerns that investors and analysts felt about EA's business performance in years when the company didn't launch a new Battlefield game. As Moore illustrates, EA's portfolio is quite deep, and he didn't even mention sports titles around the FIFA, UFC, and NBA franchises. Also in the call, Moore reiterated that a new Titanfall game is in the works for a release in EA's FY 2017, which runs April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017.

Given that EA has a number of big-name games coming out, Moore said it's important that the company examines its schedule to ensure games don't cannibalize each other. He also pointed out that EA looks at the competition and formulates release plans accordingly.

"It's a high class problem to have," Moore said.

One major EA franchise that Moore did not call out was Dragon Age. The latest release was Dragon Age Inquisition, which launched in November 2014. In addition, EA is working on multiple Star Wars Battlefront sequels and an action-adventure game that's being led by veterans Amy Hennig and Jade Raymond.

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