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E3 2018: The Last Of Us 2 -- 4 Things We Learned From Brutal New Gameplay Trailer

The Last of Us: Part II is looking great, but what do we know?

We've all been waiting to see The Last of Us: Part II gameplay, and we finally got our first glimpse at Sony's E3 2018 press conference. What seemingly started as a trailer or cutscene transitioned to an extended look at stealth and combat.

So what did we learn? What improvements can we expect over the original Last of Us? Read on to find out. And for more from the show, check out all the Sony E3 2018 press conference news.

You Play As Ellie

We actually already knew this, but it was interesting to see how differently grown-up Ellie played to The Last of Us's Joel and young Ellie. As with the first game, she seemed more than capable of handling herself. Ellie moves quickly and is a fierce warrior. She's proficient with a bow; we saw her snap off shots from close-up and afar. We also saw Ellie wield a machete, and though she was smaller than the enemies she faced, she was able to get the jump on them with her agility and cleverness. Ellie is no doubt conflicted about her proficiency for killing, so it will be interesting to see how the story tackles this as the narrative progresses.

Laying Low

One small but notable change is the ability to lie down. This was not present in the first game but should come in handy when trying to remain hidden. We saw Ellie lay prone under a car, hiding from an enemy. This probably saved her life, as she was able to stay hidden and wait for the opportune moment to fire off a killing shot.

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No Sign Of Joel

The E3 trailer was lengthy and detailed, focusing exclusively on Ellie. Joel, the playable character of the first game, was nowhere to be seen. However, Ellie was dressed in clothes similar to what Joel wore in the original game, which is potentially her way of honoring him. Joel will undoubtedly appear in The Last of Us: Part II, and it's exciting to think about what role he'll have.

Even More Brutal

Like the trailer from Paris Games Week, this was a brutal trailer that showed a lot of up-close-and-personal combat that often ended in gruesome fashion. We saw Ellie launch an axe into an enemy's face, where it stuck. We saw Ellie savage an enemy with multiple arrows to the chest, with her foe falling to his knees before she hacked his head off with a knife. Another scene showed Ellie craft an explosive arrow and then blow up an enemy with it. In yet another sequence, Ellie was hidden under a car and shot her enemy in the face when he spotted her. The first Last of Us was a brutally violent game, and it looks like the sequel will be as well. It's not just Ellie who is brutalizing people in The Last of Us: Part II. We saw a member of the enemy faction disemboweling someone who was strung up on a rope. It was hard to watch. The Last of Us: Part II will no doubt continue to be controversial for its violence, but Naughty Dog surely has a story reason behind the gruesomeness, and we are eager to learn more.

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