E3 2018: New Destiny 2 Forsaken Trailer Shows Cayde-6 In Serious Trouble

Sony's E3 press conference revealed a new cinematic trailer for Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC.


The new DLC expansion for Destiny 2, Forsaken, has already been revealed, but its story may not be quite what we expected. Sony's E3 press conference featured a new trailer for the DLC, and it suggests that things aren't going well for everyone's favorite character, Cayde-6.

The beginning of the video shows Cayde--looking extremely damaged--raising his head. We then see his Ghost shot out of the sky by off-screen enemies, who then move in closer. An Awoken character, most likely the Prince of the Reef Uldren Sov, wielding a hand cannon then aims at an off-screen Cayde and fires. As the camera continues to pan around, we see Cayde laying on the ground, seemingly dead, as the Awoken character leaves.

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It's unclear if Cayde is actually dead, as we then see key art for the game that shows someone carrying a limp Cayde in their arms. If he is indeed dead, it would be a surprising move, as Cayde (played by Nathan Fillion) is routinely cited as the franchise's strongest character.

No other details about Forsaken were shared, but we've already seen a good amount of it. Alongside the expected additions for a new Destiny 2 expansion, it also includes a new PvP/PvE mode hybrid called Gambit. We'll have more on Forsaken as it's announced, along with full details on everything revealed during Sony's press conference.

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