E3 2018: New Destiny 2 Forsaken Trailer Shows Cayde-6 In Serious Trouble

Sony's E3 press conference revealed a new cinematic trailer for Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC.

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Now Playing: Destiny 2 Forsaken E3 2018 Trailer | PlayStation Press Conference

The new DLC expansion for Destiny 2, Forsaken, has already been revealed, but its story may not be quite what we expected. Sony's E3 press conference featured a new trailer for the DLC, and it suggests that things aren't going well for everyone's favorite character, Cayde-6.

The beginning of the video shows Cayde--looking extremely damaged--raising his head. We then see his Ghost shot out of the sky by off-screen enemies, who then move in closer. An Awoken character, most likely the Prince of the Reef Uldren Sov, wielding a hand cannon then aims at an off-screen Cayde and fires. As the camera continues to pan around, we see Cayde laying on the ground, seemingly dead, as the Awoken character leaves.

It's unclear if Cayde is actually dead, as we then see key art for the game that shows someone carrying a limp Cayde in their arms. If he is indeed dead, it would be a surprising move, as Cayde (played by Nathan Fillion) is routinely cited as the franchise's strongest character.

No other details about Forsaken were shared, but we've already seen a good amount of it. Alongside the expected additions for a new Destiny 2 expansion, it also includes a new PvP/PvE mode hybrid called Gambit. We'll have more on Forsaken as it's announced, along with full details on everything revealed during Sony's press conference.

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Avatar image for pj80

Usually when a main character is shown to be dead in a trailer they end up not dying. Major characters deaths are usually a surprise.

Avatar image for henchman216

Watch Cayde die for free on YouTube or pay $40 to watch an extended cut of Cayde dying.


Avatar image for cboye18

It would've been impactful if someone actually cared. Sadly, even the game has been forsaken.

Avatar image for deactivated-5b7210e77a3d9

Still worth playing.

Avatar image for Swedish_Chef

Cayde (really Nathan Fillion) is the best part of Destiny 2, killing him to launch a new DLC package would be ridiculous.

Avatar image for inebriantia

@Swedish_Chef: He's dead, his ghost is dead, he was shot, theres no coming back, fans have bitching for awhile for Destiny to go really dark.

This is also the only story dlc until Fall 2019 at least and Jason from Kotaku said Bungie is attempting selling Destiny to Activision. This and Warmind was even made by Activision studios not Bungie and is the last of the cut content. They've been working on a new IP for China and want to get into self publishing.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@inebriantia: "Going dark" requires players to care about the characters, environments, and lore of a story.

That's just not gonna happen here. It's a loot-grinding level-ladder. Anyone still playing only cares about the grind-addiction.

Avatar image for inebriantia

@Pyrosa: I actually play for story first, and there are a good amount of ppl who love Destiny's story and lore. Destiny has many types, the gunplay fans, loot fans, lore fans, PvE, PvP...

That's why Destiny has always had so many issues. There's too many vocal groups all wanting different focuses. Just like how ppl whined for a grind again, and make a chase, ppl are now whining they gotta grind for the new stuff in Warmind.

The Destiny fanbase really have no clue wtf they actually want.

Avatar image for jrod32x

So clearly the person writing this has never touched a Destiny game right? There is no mystery character, that’s Uldren. Prince Uldren Sov, brother of the Queen of the Awoken, who we meet early on in Destiny’s campaign and who we’ve been hearing about teaming up with the Fallen since well before the launch of Destiny 2. It’s okay if every writer isn’t an expert on the topic, especially for a fluff piece like this, but a little research wouldn’t kill you guys.

Avatar image for matricks_

@jrod32x: "So clearly the person writing this has never touched a Destiny game..."

God, if only I could go back to that level of bliss.