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Dragon's Dogma 2 Update Will Soon Add A Critical Feature That Somehow Wasn't There At Launch

Additional graphics settings are also coming soon.


Capcom's fantasy epic Dragon's Dogma 2 will soon allow players to start a new game even if there is already existing save data, a much-requested feature that somehow wasn't there to begin with.

The inability to create a new game was one fans were quick to point out and the subject of numerous negative user reviews on places like Steam, where the game currently sports a "Mixed" user review score. As one Steam user puts it in their review, "The one save isn't that big of a deal, but I should be able to delete that save and make a new one from within the game," Skaterskunk writes. "How this shipped without that is astonishing."

Capcom announced its update plans, which include the ability to start a new game, via its official Dragon's Dogma social accounts. It stated the updates would be coming "as soon as they are ready for distribution on each platform" in the "near future."

As for what else is coming down the pike, many of the additional updates Capcom has outlined will add more graphical settings that can be turned on or off when playing on consoles, including a toggle for motion blur, ray tracing, and the ability to set a frame rate cap of 30fps or allow for a variable frame rate. Capcom notes that turning these various graphic options off will not affect the frame rate significantly, and that frame rate improvements are planned for an update further down the line.

Gameplay changes coming to all platforms are the ability for players to start the quest to acquire their own dwelling earlier as well as increasing the number of Art of Metamorphosis items available at Pawn Guilds. On PC, an update will increase quality when using DLSS Super Resolution, as well as fix an issue that resulted in models appearing low-quality when using specific settings.

Dragon's Dogma 2 released to rave reviews but quickly found itself in hot water following poor technical performance on Steam (which appear to make up the bulk of the game's negative reviews on the platform) and the discovery of microtransactions that allow players to buy items needed for things like fast travel and changing their character's appearance. In a post on Steam, Capcom stated it is looking at ways to improve the game's performance, while clarifying that items available for purchase via microtransactions can also be obtained in-game free of charge.

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