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Dragon's Dogma 2 Microtransactions, Including Optional $2 Appearance Change, Aren't Going Over Well

Dragon's Dogma 2 players are also unhappy with the game's poor performance on PC.


Dragon's Dogma 2 currently has "mixed" user reviews on Steam, as players are pointing out the game's technical issues and controversial microtransactions. At the time of writing, Dragon's Dogma 2 has 21 separate microtransactions available for purchase, with the full bundle costing $41.79 on top of the game's launch price of $70.

The many microtransactions of Dragon's Dogma 2.
The many microtransactions of Dragon's Dogma 2.

Nine of these items have been pulled from the deluxe edition's DLC, while others include a $2 microtransaction to change your character appearance with an in-game item or Wakestones for $1 each for when you need a quick resurrection. It's worth noting that these items can be found while playing Dragon's Dogma 2, but they are incredibly rare and you'll need a lot of in-game currency to acquire them from vendors. They can also be unlocked or discovered while adventuring. Officially, these microtransactions were unveiled a day before the global release of Dragon's Dogma 2.

Overall, these microtransactions appear to be aimed at players looking for a few shortcuts to avoid some of the more organic challenges in Dragon's Dogma 2. For example, fast-travel is restricted in the game due to the development team wanting players to experience the world around them and discover fun diversions along the way, but players can purchase or discover rare Ferrystones in the game to teleport to Portcrystals. If players would prefer to establish their own network, Portcrystals are available for $3 each and can be placed at a location of their choosing.

Technical issues have also come to light on PC, with players criticizing the use of anti-piracy Denuvo as it is allegedly causing significant performance drops. In response to all these issues, Capcom posted a message on the Steam page for the game.

"We would like to update you on the status of the following items, about which we have received numerous comments from the community. To all those looking forward to this game, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience," Capcom wrote. The company says it is investigating several issues causing game crashes, is looking at an option to allow users to restart their adventure, and is examining how it can improve overall performance.

If you are planning to get started on an adventure and you'd prefer some free assistance to aid you on your quest, you can check out GameSpot's Dragon's Dogma 2 guides hub for tips on how to recruit pawn companions, secrets to discover, and much more.

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