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Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero's First 24 Characters Are All Goku And Vegeta

I can't wait to play as... Goku


Bandai Namco has released a trailer for its upcoming fighting game, Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero. Per Dragon Ball tradition, a large portion of the roster will consist of Goku and Vegeta variants.

Despite the trailer being only two minutes, it teases various franchise characters. Right off the bat, we're given glimpses of other fighters such as Krillin, Android 18, Mr. Satan, and a handful of others. Even though all these characters were teased, none were the main focus. As the trailer goes on, we are given glimpses of Goku and Vegeta fighting in various forms. These include Super Saiyan 1-3, their god forms, and more.

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Thanks to a press release, we also know which variants of Goku and Vegeta will be playable. For those looking to main Goku, you'll have the option to pick from the following: Goku (Z - Early), Goku (Z - Mid), Gu (Z-Mid) Super Saiyan, Goku (Z - End), Goku (Z-End) Super Saiyan, Goku (Z-End) Super Saiyan 2, Goku (Z-End) Super Saiyan 3, Goku (Super), Goku (Super) Super Saiyan, Goku (Super) Super Saiyan God, and Goku (Super) Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.

Meanwhile, Vegeta mains will be able to pick from the following forms: Vegeta (Z - Scouter), Great Ape Vegeta, Vegeta (Z - Early), Vegeta (Z- Early) Super Saiyan, Super Vegeta, Vegeta (Z - End), Vegeta (Z - End) Super Saiyan, Vegeta (Z - End) Super Saiyan 2, Majin Vegeta, Vegeta (Super), Vegeta (Super) Super Saiyan, Vegeta (Super) Super Saiyan God, and Vegeta (Super) Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.

Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero was first revealed during 2023's The Game Awards. Sparking Zero aims to bring "back the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi series after more than a 15-year hiatus."

For more Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero, check out our preorder guide to help ensure you secure the game when it releases.

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