Dragon Age Producer Teases Something New, as BioWare Livestreams a Nesting Goose

"Oooh what's this? Oh sorry."


Dragon Age series producer Mark Darrah today posted a cryptic video that may be related to a new BioWare project. Seen in the 13-second video is a red book with an image of a castle and what appears to be a wolf on it. Darrah opens the book to reveal a page that says, "Internal Use Only" and "Property of BioWare/EA." The video is captioned "Oooh what's this? Oh sorry."

Check it out:

This tease comes not long after Darrah asked his thousands of Twitter followers if they would be interested in a turn-based, "tactics"-type Dragon Age game. There is no reason to believe today's tease is in any way related to Darrah's previous poll.

2014's Dragon Age: Inquisition, which enjoyed the biggest launch in BioWare history, was the last game that Darrah worked on. If BioWare is making a new Dragon Age game, it would come as little surprise. While the castle imagery in the video could be taken as a reference to the series, it's only speculation that this is for the next Dragon Age game.

In February 2015, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said there is a "huge opportunity" for the Dragon Age series going forward, though he stopped short of providing any specifics. If an announcement about the future of Dragon Age is to be made this year, it could come during EA's E3 briefing in June.

In other BioWare news, the developer is currently livestreaming a nesting goose outside of its office. You can watch the stream here; it even has dramatic music.

"In Canada, a sure sign of spring is the nest of a Canada goose. BioWare Edmonton is often visited by a couple of geese in the spring; for a few days, Twitter is awash with pictures of our favorite visitors," BioWare said. "This year, the cheeky pair have chosen the roof of the BioWare Edmonton studio for their nest."

BioWare has named the female goose "Ganders," while they gave the male the name "Arishonk." Apparently, BioWare will keep this stream going until the goslings hatch.

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