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Diving Deep Into Alan Wake 2

From trailer clues we uncovered to interviews with the cast and development team, here's all the Alan Wake 2 news you need.

Alan Wake 2 is set to arrive on October 27 for current-gen consoles and PC. That makes it perfectly timed for Halloween, as the sequel 13 years in the making is Remedy's first foray into the survival-horror genre. We're eagerly awaiting the game's launch ourselves, so much so that we've already published a ton of coverage on the game, including interviews with the studio and cast, more than a few theory-crafting articles, and some new videos to dive into like it's Cauldron Lake.

We felt it'd be easiest for you to find all that in one spot, so if you're looking for exclusive and original Alan Wake 2 reporting, interviews, and features, look no further.

Alan Wake 2 trailer dissections

To date, we've seen two Alan Wake 2 trailers. Naturally, we scoured over each of them like the Zapruder Film, seeking to collect every little detail, hint, and clue we could.

Reveal trailer

Way back in December 2021, Alan Wake 2 was officially revealed. We took a close look at that first trailer and came away with 20 clues regarding the game's plot.

Summer 2023 trailer

Much more recently, we got our second look at Alan Wake 2, this time with gameplay featured. We managed to spot 11 more clues we found noteworthy, so bring your magnifying glass and come with us.

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Alan Wake 2 interviews

We've had the chance to sit down with Remedy on a number of recent occasions, so don't miss our in-depth interviews covering a broad range of topics.

Meet Saga Anderson, Remedy's newest hero

We had the exclusive deep dive on Saga Anderson, Alan Wake 2's new co-lead. Read our chat with actress Melanie Liburd, performance director Hannah Price, and creative director Sam Lake, and find out why Saga needs Alan just as much as Alan needs Saga.

Sam Lake on the long journey to making Alan Wake 2

We caught up with Lake again to find out why Alan Wake 2 took 13 years to exist--and why he never stopped believing it would happen all along the way.

Sam Lake on the unanswered mystery

Alan Wake is a story full of mysteries, so we spoke with Lake about how he goes about resolving (or not resolving) questions Remedy asks in its games. Here's why sometimes the unanswered mystery stays with us longest, according to him (and Stephen King).

Remedy says forever-exhausted Alan Wake will have better stamina

Amid deeper conversations, we learned a fun additional detail about Alan Wake 2: Alan's been working on his cardio.

Remedy says Alan Wake in Fortnite is a possibility

With Epic publishing Alan Wake 2, we had to ask whether Remedy might like seeing the grumpy writer pop up in the colorful battle royale. Here's what Sam Lake said.

Alan Wake 2 Summer Game Fest impressions

From the showfloor of Summer Game Fest Play Days, we saw over 30 minutes of new Alan Wake 2 footage. Don't miss our written reaction here, or check out the video version below.

What we learned at Summer Game Fest

For an additional look at our Summer Game Fest coverage, don't miss our discussion of five things we learned from our appointment with Remedy. These are both gameplay and story-related revelations.

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Beyond Alan Wake 2: Every game Remedy is working on

Remedy is staying busy, with several other games already announced for release in the years following Alan Wake 2. Here we explain what each one is, and detail how each one may fit into the Remedy Connected Universe. Speaking of that...

Alan Wake 2 and the Remedy Connected Universe explained

If you're new to the Remedy Connected Universe, or if you got a headache last time you tried to solve this particular puzzle, pop some ibuprofen and join us as we explain how Alan Wake 2 is connected to other Remedy games, and what it may mean for the future.

Seven mysteries Alan Wake 2 might answer

Sam Lake is clear: Some mysteries are best left unanswered. Still, we can't help but look at a few dangling threads and wonder if or how they might be neatly tied up in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 features Max Payne... sort of

Hey look it's Max Payne! Well, not exactly, but join us as we explain why some Remedy vets are saying the studio's anti-hero from pre-Alan Wake days is making a comeback in Alan Wake 2.

We have not a lake, but an ocean of content still to come for Alan Wake 2, so keep it here with us as we continue to unravel this mystery ahead of the game's release on October 27.

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