Forever-Exhausted Alan Wake Will Have Better Stamina In Alan Wake 2

Alan's been working on cardio in the Dark Place, it seems.


13 years is a long time to spend in one place, especially the Dark Place. Thankfully, Alan has put his time to good use, or so it seems, as Remedy has confirmed with GameSpot that Alan's notoriously lacking stamina will be improved upon for Alan Wake 2.

While speaking with Remedy for GameSpot's recent exclusive Saga Anderson reveal story, I'd asked about Saga's physical abilities in the sequel, knowing all too well that Alan's stamina was laughably, even infamously, poor--to be fair, he's a writer, not an athlete. Remedy's director of communications, Thomas Puha, understood what I was getting at and announced the news with a laugh: "We can reveal that Alan's stamina is a lot better this time around. He can actually run more than five meters."

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For players who found Alan's frequent exhaustion to be an annoyance, it seems the sequel will portray the doomed writer as someone more capable with his life on the line--at the very least, adrenaline has got to kick in, right? Still, the sequel is also set to be Remedy's first survival-horror game, so it seems safe to expect some limitations, too, unless Alan has written into existence a treadmill he's been cruising on during his time away.

Alan's struggle to escape the Dark Place resumes on October 17. We've covered the game extensively to date, so don't miss our deep dive on the recent trailer, our look at seven mysteries the sequel might address, our coverage of how the horror sequel fits into the Remedy Connected Universe, and our mention of Max Payne being in the game, sort of. For more Remedy interviews, you can also read what creative director Sam Lake said about finally getting to make Alan Wake 2 and his approach to answering mysteries in his writing.

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