Diablo 4 Mount - How To Get The Spectral Charger Horse

It was previously thought you couldn't get a mount in the Diablo 4 beta, but some players found a way.


The Diablo 4 beta has only given players a small slice of what they will be able to fully access when the game officially launches on June 6, 2023. For starters, players are just limited to the major city of Kyovashad and the surrounding region of Fractured Peaks. While this region is chock-full of dungeons, side quests, and Strongholds, it's nothing compared to what the full game will offer.

As a part of the beta, some of the content in Diablo 4 is simply not available. This includes most of the main story campaign, the neighboring regions around Fractured Peaks, and additional character and Renown levels, among other things. However, one missing bit of content that players would love to have in the Diablo 4 beta are mounts. However, possibly due to a bug or unintentional loot drop, players are actually able to receive a mount in the Diablo 4 beta--but even then, the mount is not yet rideable, which for many players will defeat the purpose of following the steps written below. This mount is called the Spectral Charger/Ghastly Reins, and if you still care to try to obtain it for yourself, keep reading.

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Unlocking the Spectral Charger mount

This mount unlock was first discovered by a Reddit user, u/oPawix00, over the closed beta weekend. They posted what they found to the r/Diablo subreddit, and fans were immediately intrigued by what they saw. According to the Reddit user, they were able to receive the Ghastly Reins as a loot drop from completing the Gathering Legions event in Diablo 4. Upon using the Ghastly Reins, they were then able to add the Spectral Charger mount to their stable.

For players who want to see if they can replicate these results, they will need to complete the Gathering Legions event at Kor Dragan in the Diablo 4 beta. Kor Dragan is one of three Strongholds in Fractured Peaks, and it's located northwest of Kyovashad and northeast of the Menestad Waypoint.

Kor Dragan is a Stronghold that is mainly for level 25 players in the beta.
Kor Dragan is a Stronghold that is mainly for level 25 players in the beta.

At Kor Dragan, players will be faced with dozens of enemies, many of whom are vampires. The Stronghold is an intertwining web of paths and jump/climb spots and all of the enemies there are level 25. It's not recommended that any player below the max beta level of 25 try to complete this Stronghold unless they're with a party. Even players who are level 25 should think about going with a friend or two, as Kor Dragan is extremely difficult solo.

Once you have managed to retake control of Kor Dragan from the vampires, you will be eligible to participate in the Gathering Legions event. This is an entirely separate task from the Stronghold. Unfortunately, the times that this event spawns seem to be random, so you will have to wait around until the event triggers for your world specifically. Whenever the event does spawn, you can head back to Kor Dragan, complete the event, and at the end, you will be rewarded with the Ghastly Reins. That item will appear in your inventory, at which point you can click on its box to use it. That will trigger a prompt on your screen that says "Reward Gained: Mount. Visit a Stablemaster to equip."

The Spectral Charger can only be viewed in your stable.
The Spectral Charger can only be viewed in your stable.

Most settlements and cities will have a Stablemaster, which is marked on your map by the horse icon. Simply talk to the Stablemaster and you will see that the Spectral Charger mount has appeared. Unfortunately, you can't do anything with the horse at this point during the beta. All that you will be able to do is look at the mount in the stable.

Can you get other mounts?

If you go into your stable again, you will see that underneath the Spectral Charger, it says "Limited Access. Progress the campaign and complete Mount: Donovan's Favor to gain access to mounts." It appears that the full release of Diablo 4 will feature a quest called Donovan's Favor, which players can complete to gain full access to the Spectral Charger and any other horses/mounts.

It's unclear exactly what point the Donovan's Favor quest will come at in the full game. However, now that players know where they are guaranteed to receive one mount, that should make life a little easier when Diablo 4 officially launches later this summer.

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