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Diablo 4 World Events Guide

Complete random World Events in Diablo 4.


In Diablo 4, you'll take on a seemingly endless tide of evil, all while exploring various regions of Sanctuary. Along the way, you might join some ongoing battles, too. Here's our Diablo 4 World Events guide to help you with a few random encounters that you can expect to come across.

The World Events in Diablo 4

The Diablo 4 World Events appear as bright orange circles on your minimap (to differentiate them from main quests and sidequests). Upon reaching the area, the type of task and requirement will appear. Do take note that these encounters can occur on the overworld map and dungeons. Likewise, since this is an online game, random players may also show up while you're exploring.

You might stumble upon certain events while exploring dungeons.
You might stumble upon certain events while exploring dungeons.

In any case, here are some examples of Diablo 4 World Events:

  • Cull the Wicked - Probably the most simple and straightforward since you just need to kill all enemies. Then, a miniboss will appear, and you have to take it out.
  • Waves of Darkness - Wipe out as many enemy waves as you can within the given time limit.
  • Cursed Chest - Interact with a chest, causing numerous mobs to spawn.
  • Wayward Soul - A blue spirit will move around, and you have to eliminate the other hostiles while it's looking for its loved one.
  • Insatiable Hunger - A demon will be floating in the center of a summoning area, while other enemies continue to spawn. Some of these mobs will be linked to the demon, and you have to kill them before they're devoured.
  • Caravan Under Siege - There are around three structures with survivors. You have to defeat hostiles so you can keep everyone alive.
  • Hold You Ground - Similar to Caravan Under Siege but, this time, there's only one NPC that you have to protect.
  • Liberation - Run around the area and free a set number of captives.
  • Ancient Siphon - Three pillars will have a golden glow around them. Eliminate mobs within their radius so they can be destroyed.
  • Ancient Obelisk - Four blood circles surround the obelisk. You have to stand in each circle until their glyphs are formed.
  • Rites of Ascension - Kill the enemy that's using a channeling spell. Then, defeat the "Unascended" foe that's left behind.
  • Jar of Souls - Kill numerous enemy mobs and pick up their souls to feed the jar. The Diablo 4 World Event in Fractured Peaks normally requires 30 souls.
  • Tainted Blood Ritual - Occurs in the College of Light in the northeastern portion of the Fractured Peaks. You'll see a Vampire miniboss, who'll then split into multiple Fangstorm mobs that you have to take out. Curiously enough, this event only rewards XP and gold. A chest won't appear.
The Ancient Obelisk event requires you to stand in each blood circle until the line glyph to the obelisk is fully formed.
The Ancient Obelisk event requires you to stand in each blood circle until the line glyph to the obelisk is fully formed.

Most Diablo 4 World Events reward you with XP, gold, various loot, and Murmuring Obols, a currency used to exchange for random gear pieces. Lastly, bear in mind that there's also Mastery mechanics. Think of these as additional requirements that grant extra rewards from a higher-tier chest. For instance, you might be tasked with keeping all survivors alive or completing an encounter before the timer runs out.

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