Destiny's Post-Update Problems Outlined, Next Content Update Teased

"Later on this summer, we'll show you the scope, scale, and flavor for the next challenge you'll face."


The big April update for Destiny arrived earlier this week, and in its wake a number of issues have cropped up that Bungie is now looking to resolve. The developer today offered a rundown on where things stand and shared a small tease for what's next.

Not everything Bungie shared on its website is a bug, but there is information players will want to be aware of. Chief among these is the fact that certain weekly rewards, including Legendary engrams and Sterling Treasure Mystery Bags, are given out at the post-game carnage screen. If you complete an activity but head back to orbit without letting the game advance to the post-game report, you may not get those rewards.

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Year Two Prison of Elders Exotics (Dreg's Promise, Lord of Wolves, and Queenbreaks' Bow) are all earned by completing PoE challenge mode activities. You won't be able to get your hands on them through Exotic blueprints.

Meanwhile, the primary weapon Universe Remote is being given to some players when decrypting special weapon engrams. Bungie is looking to figure out why, but hasn't promised a fix is on the way just yet.

Fixes are coming for some other issues, including ghosts dropping at a lower-than-intended rate from Nightfall Strikes and Year One engrams being given out through Cryptarch rank-up packs. There's no date for when these problems will be resolved; Bungie simply says it intends to fix them in "a future deployment."

Other noteworthy tidbits include a fix for an issue where clan tags don't appear properly (use the Repair Clan option on Bungie's website) and the requirements for the new quests At the Gates and Return to the Prison. To get them, you'll first need to hit level 40 and complete the Dread Patrol quest step.

This update marked the most significant one since the release of The Taken King last September. With it having only just arrived, Bungie isn't yet ready to talk specifically about what's next, but community manager David Dague did say, "The next point on the horizon is an update we're cooking up for the fall. I've seen it. I'm excited about it. I will say no more… For now.

"Hopefully, the ramp up to the April Update served up some proof that we love speaking at length about new Destiny content, once it arrives at its final form. Later on this summer, we'll show you the scope, scale, and flavor for the next challenge you'll face."

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