Destiny Might Be Headed to Mercury

Items found on Destiny's server point to an upcoming event.

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If you logged into Destiny over the weekend, you might have been surprised to see a bunch of stuff waiting for you in your in-game mailbox. Bungie might be teasing the next event for its online shooter, but some fans believe the developer is also hinting at what planet the sci-fi game is headed to next.

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Destiny players who logged into the game over the past weekend received an emblem called Rising Light (the Motes of Light and Strange Coins are still available). Bungie advertised the small event as "Days of the Dawning." Several items in Destiny's server have referenced The Dawning, which is believed to be an upcoming in-game event (via Eurogamer).

These items are currently still viewable on Destiny's servers. We don't know what The Dawning is at this time, but fans believe that the new emblem, Rising Light, depicts Mercury's architecture set against a backdrop of a rising sun.

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Mercury is the home of Osiris' temple. Prior to Destiny's release, Osiris was supposed to be somewhat of a mentor to players. Apparently, it was planned for the planet closest to the sun to play a bigger role. Now, players visit Mercury to take part in the competitive Trials of Osiris, a Crucible event introduced in the House of Wolves DLC in May 2015.

Fans have been anticipating Mercury to appear in Destiny's sequel; said sequel has not been announced, but it is expected to release later this year. Court documents show that the first Destiny was planned to launch in 2013. Its 2014 release could mean its sequel was also pushed back a year from 2015.

If Mercury will indeed play a role in future Destiny content, we may hear more from Bungie in the near future.

Bungie stated that players shouldn't expect any "giant, monolithic" expansions in the near future, instead opting for an event-based model for 2016. In other news, veteran designer John Romero praised Destiny for being a breakthrough, innovative first-person shooter.

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