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Destiny Sequel Plans Revealed in Court Documents

Destiny's children.


Newly published court documents reveal the schedule by which Bungie and Activision originally planned to launch Destiny games. The first Destiny, according to the papers, was intended to arrive in September 2013; however, the game was pushed back a year as a result of "substantial revisions" to the story.

The documents, published by GamesBeat as part of the Marty O'Donnell vs. Bungie legal battle, reveal that Bungie and Activision planned to release new, disc-based Destiny sequels every other year through 2019. Destiny's "largest downloadable content product," meanwhile, would have followed in September 2020. The papers also confirm that Destiny was in development under the code name Tiger.

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Bear in mind that this schedule is currently out-of-date, as the first Destiny shipped in September 2014, not September 2013. It's unknown if Bungie and Activision have since amended this plan to make up for the first game's delay. It's also possible they have re-negotiated their 10-year contract, which they signed in 2010 when it was good through 2020. More insight into that deal and what it means is available here.

Destiny's next expansion, The Taken King, launches on week from today on September 15. Though you'll have to wait a little while longer, Destiny is getting a major overhaul today through Update 2.0.

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