Destiny 2's Winter Event Includes Ice Hockey

You could be Destiny 2's Wayne Gretzky.


Destiny 2 players have been able to play casual games of soccer at the Farm since the game's launch, and soon they'll also be able to take to the ice and play hockey. Bungie announced today that both hockey and snowballs that you can throw at people are coming to the game in the future.

The game's wintry makeover will be a part of The Dawning event, a limited-time competition that highlights Destiny 2's recently announced Season 2 of content. The first Dawning event took place last year in Destiny 1 and was headlined by Sparrow Racing League; this Dawning sounds like it'll be more focused on winter sports.

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New items coming in The Dawning (image courtesy of Planet Destiny)
New items coming in The Dawning (image courtesy of Planet Destiny)

From our short look at hockey, it seems like it'll be similar to the soccer mini-game at the Farm. You can kick a puck around, trying to score it in the opposite goal. Throughout Destiny 2's playable areas, there'll also be snowballs you can grab, and throwing them at enemies will actually do damage.

The Dawning will also feature a unique set of gear and items to earn, including some cool-looking winter-themed cosmetic items, as well as a full set of Dawning-themed armor. It's likely that this gear will drop from Bright Engrams.

You can read more about what Bungie has in store for the game here. In other news, the PC version of the game launches next week, on October 24. In addition, Bungie had to cancel the next two Trials of the Nine events due to an exploit that it's attempting to fix.

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