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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset [Last Day]: Where Is Xur, Festival Of The Lost Details, Ascendant Challenge, Nightfall

New things to do and new Powerful gear to earn in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Some major changes are on the way for Destiny 2 later this month--Sleeper Simulant is being nerfed in Gambit--as is the Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost event and the next Iron Banner. In the meantime, we have the latest weekly reset, which doesn't bring much in the way of new content.

It does, however, mark a refresh for activities across the game, offering a variety of new ways to obtain Powerful gear. Here's the lowdown on what's new in the reset this week for Forsaken owners, including the Ascendant Challenge, Spider's big bounty, Eververse's store update, the Nightfall, and more. We've also got news on what's coming soon as well as a guide to Xur's location.

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Where Is Xur?

We've reached Friday, which means Xur has appeared. This week, he can be found on Titan, and he has the usual assortment of Exotic gear for sale--one weapon plus three pieces of armor (one per class). The highlight of the bunch is the shotgun Tractor Cannon, which, while not a new item, is great fun to use. You can get the full rundown in our Xur location and items guide.

Festival Of The Lost Detailed

Ahead of its launch on October 16, Bungie has provided details on what to expect from Destiny 2's first-ever Festival of the Lost event. In addition to the rewards and masks you can get, the company revealed that Powerful gear will be up for grabs as part of a murder mystery involving Master Ives. Daily bounties will offer Fragmented Souls, which can be cashed in for masks and a new auto rifle, while there will also be a brand-new activity called the Haunted Forest. You'll face increasingly difficult enemies in what sounds like a Horde-style mode with a 15-minute time limit. Additionally, if you're at the level cap, you'll get a bonus Bright Engram (with new items inside) each time you fill the XP bar, and new cosmetics will be for sale at Eververse.

Iron Banner Returns Soon

Festival of the Lost and the new patch aren't all that's launching on October 16. That also marks the start of the next week-long Iron Banner event, which features some revisions over September's instance. Most notably, you'll find bounties are easier to complete, and each one will offer Powerful gear.

Ascendant Challenge

Another new Ascendant Challenge--possibly the last original one we'll see for now before they begin to be recycled--is now available. The portal is located in a Lost Sector, and inside you'll have to deal with a gauntlet of enemies and (of course) some platforming. You'll need to use a Tincture of Queensfoil in order to see the portal, and be sure to grab the bounty from Petra before starting. The chest you receive at the end is nothing special, but the bounty itself offers Powerful gear.

Spider Bounty -- Wanted: Gravetide Summoner

For the third week running, the big bounty offered by Spider--the one that offers Powerful gear--is Wanted: Gravetide Summoner. But whereas last week's repeat of this did at least take you to a different Lost Sector, this one brings us back to the same one as two weeks ago. Take five Ghost Fragments to Spider to pick up the bounty, and you'll receive an Adventure on Titan's The Rig. Kill the boss in the Lost Sector to complete the bounty and earn Powerful gear.

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As is typical, the Nightfall has been refreshed with three new choices of Strikes. You can pick from Warden of Nothing, The Corrupted, and The Pyramidion; all three have a recommended Power level of 540. Whichever you choose, there's a piece of Powerful gear for completing it. If you manage to do so while achieving a score of 100,000 or more, you'll also receive another Powerful gear.


A new set of bounties are available from Eververse, most of which reward you with varying amounts of Bright Dust. The cost of these bounties varies, but as always, the most expensive one gets you the most Bright Dust for your investment--provided you finish it. This week, that bounty is Herosim in Battle (complete five Strikes from the Strike playlist), which will net you 150 Bright Dust upon completion.

The Rise of the Challenge bounty is available, which offers a Prismatic Facet as a reward. If you have a Facet on hand (or are willing to spend some Silver), you can activate the Matrix, which has a new set of items. Here's what's on offer:

  • Guardian Angel (Exotic weapon ornament for The Chaperone)
  • Death to Kells (Exotic ship)
  • Dragonfly Regalia Vest (Legendary Hunter chest armor)
  • Dragonfly Regalia Helm (Legendary Titan helmet)
  • Dragonfly Regalia Bond (Legendary Warlock bond)
  • Atlantis Shell (Legendary Ghost shell)
  • Astera Blade (Legendary ship)
  • Here I Stand (Legendary vehicle)
  • Jade Rabbit Projection (Rare Ghost projection)
  • Awkward Greeting (Rare emote)


Petra's location has rotated again, and we're back to the most pleasant of the bunch. She's in Divalian Mists, right next to the Dreaming City's landing zone. You'll want to speak with her to grab the Ascendant Challenge bounty, as well as The Orange Engine, which lets you do the mission of the same name. War for the Dreaming City has you again complete eight daily bounties for Petra during the week, and Gateway Between Worlds has you take part in the Blind Well. All four of these reward you with Powerful gear.

Clan Bounties

New clan bounties are now available. The weekly ones offer the biggest clan XP rewards, with Blindsight (completing the Blind Well at Tier III or above while in a fireteam with clanmates) offering the most. You can also pick up Band of Adventurers (complete three Adventures with clanmates) and House Advantage (complete Gambit matches with clanmates). Those ready to dive into the Raid can also taken on Summoning Ritual, which asks you to complete the challenge of the same name. Complete that, and you'll net yourself some Powerful gear.

Vanguard Strikes

The Vanguard Strikes playlist again has the same weekly challenge, which asks you to complete three Strikes while using the same subclass element as one of your Fireteam members. Do that for a piece of Powerful gear. You may want to consider picking Solar, as that lines up with this week's modifiers, which are as follows:

  • Solar Singe -- Solar damage increases slightly from all sources
  • Blackout -- Enemy melee attacks are significantly more powerful, and radar is disabled
  • Brawler -- Melee abilities deal more damage and recharge much faster

Daily Heroic Story Missions

Completing three daily Heroic story missions during the week will net you a Powerful gear, making it worthwhile to replay some old missions. These feature the same modifiers outlined above for the Strikes playlist, and you'll have five different options with varying Power levels:

  • Looped -- 280 Power level
  • Chosen -- 280 Power level
  • Pilgrimage -- 360 Power level
  • Ice and Shadow -- 360 Power level
  • Nothing Left to Say -- 500 Power level


Head over to The Drifter in the Tower for a new set of bounties. The most important of the bunch to grab is the weekly one, Might of the Traveler. This has you do certain things--cast Supers, defeat enemies with Supers, and create Orbs of Light--to earn progress. Complete the bounty for a piece of Powerful gear.

Currently, we're in the midst of the Dreaming City's three-week cycle, so the special Primeval needed to begin the Malfeasance questline is not as likely to show up in Gambit (though it can still spawn). However, Bungie recently said it will soon make it spawn more often.


The current Flashpoint is on Titan, which is where you'll also find the current Heroic adventure (Siren Song). Complete the Adventure for a piece of Powerful gear, and finish the Flashpoint--by completing Heroic adventures, Public Events, and Lost Sectors--for another.

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