Two Big Destiny 2 Updates Coming This Month Alongside Festival Of The Lost

Sleeper Simulant, Forsaken Exotic drop rates, Masterwork Cores, and more are being adjusted.


A number of changes--along with a seasonal event--are on the way to Destiny 2 in the coming weeks. Bungie has announced preliminary details about two updates that are set to launch before the end of October, as well as the start date for Festival of the Lost.

The annual Halloween event starts on October 16. We don't know much about what to expect from this Festival of the Lost--more details will be shared next week--but Bungie says there is a "new challenge to tackle." The only specific it offered was this: "It includes a costume party, and you're all invited. It ends with a quest to solve a murder."

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Also set to arrive on October 16 is update 2.0.4. This will bring with it a number of welcome changes. Once you've completed a Lost Sector, you'll be able to hover over it on the map to see its name (which can be hard to keep track of but is important to know for certain activities). Edge Transit, the Legendary grenade launcher that drops all too often in Forsaken, will become less common, as three other weapons will join what Bungie calls the world Legendary pool: Through Fire and Flood, Zenobia D, and Crooked Fang-4fr.

Scout Rifles, which have been dealing lower-than-expected damage, will get a damage boost in both PvE and Gambit (but only against AI enemies). Additionally, transmat effects will be added to the Flair area of the Collection. This will allow you to pay to retrieve any you've unlocked, with tracking of these having begun when Forsaken launched on September 4. However, only those you actually have had in your inventory will be unlocked--obtaining a ship equipped with a new transmat effect will not add that effect to your collection.

Coming later in the month, on October 30, is update 2.0.5. This is tentatively set to make some of the changes that have been mentioned previously. It will nerf Sleeper Simultant in Gambit, as it will receive only two ammo from Power ammo packs, rather than four. Masterwork Cores will be obtainable in new ways, as they'll be offered as rewards for some of Spider's Wanted bounties, as well as Scrapper bounties. And Exotic duplicates will be less common (but still possible), while the ever-elusive Forsaken Exotics will be more likely to drop.

The full early patch notes Bungie shared follow below. The company notes things could still change between now and release. Also of note: While not listed below, Bungie is adjusting how likely you are to bump into Gambit's special Primeval that is needed to kick off the Malfeasance quest, but the other rewards it can drop will become rarer to compensate.

Update 2.0.4 (October 16) Preliminary Patch Notes

  • Added the ability to hover over Lost Sectors to see their name once a player has looted them
  • Players can now track up to three pursuits
  • Added Through Fire and Flood, Zenobia D, and Crooked Fang-4fr to the world Legendary pool--Edge Transit will have some company
  • Increasing Scout Rifle damage in PvE and against non-player enemies in Gambit
  • Fixed a bug where Prime Engrams were going straight to the Postmaster at the end of Crucible matches; they will now show alongside other end-of-match rewards
  • Added transmat effects to Collections, under the Flair category
  • Tracking for acquired transmat effects began with the launch of Forsaken on September 4; transmat effects gained (inventory or Postmaster), used, or dismantled after that date will be unlocked in Collections
  • Transmat effects are unlocked when added to player inventory, NOT when you gain ships that have them pre-socketed
  • We have identified a very rare issue where the Gambit invasion portal will not reactivate once used, and we are currently developing a fix
  • We are developing a fix for an issue where One Thousand Voices may cause loud screeching audio when fired while strafing or jumping

Update 2.0.5 (October 30) Preliminary Patch Notes

  • Rebalancing functionality of Distribution/Dynamo perks, requiring players to be near opponents for Super energy benefits
  • Slightly increasing Sword damage in PvE to address player feedback
  • Slightly increasing Fusion Rifle damage in PvE
  • Increasing viability of Malfeasance in PvE and Gambit activities
  • Adjusting visibility of the Titan’s Banner Shield, making it easier for players to see through the effects
  • Adjusting Exotic rewards to help reduce the number of duplicate drops
  • Players may still receive duplicates, but there will be better chances for Forsaken exotics when receiving Exotic rewards
  • The chance for a Nightfall Unique Reward to drop will increase each time a Nightfall is completed without a unique drop
  • Adding Masterwork Cores as rewards for specific Spider "Wanted" bounties and general Scrapper bounties
  • Reducing the time for single-shader deletion from your inventory
  • We are developing a fix for an issues where a team will defeat the Ascendant Primeval Servitor, but the opposing team receives credit for the kill

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