Destiny 2 Warlock Super Glitch Won't Be Fixed Before The Dawning Ends

It's mayhem.


Destiny 2's seasonal event, The Dawning, is underway. As part of that, the Mayhem mode has made its debut in the game for a limited time. Unfortunately, it's become a playground of destruction for Warlocks as a result of a glitch, and Bungie has now announced that it won't be fixed before the events ends.

Mayhem is a Crucible mode that's a bit sillier than most; the key difference is that abilities and Supers regenerate much faster than usual, and Power ammo spawns more often. This all leads to a chaotic experience--hence the name of the mode--but things are even more out of control. Shortly after The Dawning update and Mayhem went live, players discovered that Warlocks using the Voidwalker subclass had access to unlimited Super abilities, resulting in a constant hail of Void bombs from those taking advantage of the exploit.

Bungie acknowledged a problem earlier week, though it merely described it as "an issue currently impacting the Voidwalker subclass for Warlocks." It has since determined a fix won't be released before The Dawning ends. The event runs until January 9.

"As teams continue to investigate an issue impacting the cooldown for the Voidwalker Super ability within the Mayhem playlist, we have determined that the issue will not be addressed before the Dawning ends in 2018," Bungie announced on Twitter. "We will provide additional information once available."

The developer also confirmed on Twitter that it won't ban anyone who takes advantage of the problem. So if you feel compelled to let the Void bombs fly, you aren't going to risk getting in any trouble. Mayhem is ultimately not a key part of the competitive side of the game, but it's still frustrating that we'll have to do without a fix. That's especially true given that participating in the mode is a Milestone tied to The Dawning, so if you want to make the most of the event, you'll need to dive in despite the issue.

The Dawning has introduced a variety of new items to Destiny 2, though the easiest and most reliable way to obtain them is through Eververse purchases with real money. For a look at, you can check out our gallery of all the new Dawning armor and gear.

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