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Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes: Servers Back For Season Of The Worthy

Destiny 2's Season of the Worthy update is here, and it's brought nerfs for some of your favorites.


A big Destiny 2 patch, the Season of the Worthy, launches today on March 10, bringing a number of changes to the game and kicking off Season 10. It'll extend beyond adding new content to the game, too--your favorite gun might be a bit less powerful after the patch. Bungie shared early details about what's coming with Update 2.8.0, which includes a bunch of changes to various Exotics and how they work in both PvE and PvP activities--some of which we'd heard about, and some that are new. The update will roll out as part of a maintenance period that will take servers down beginning at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET. You'll be able to begin downloading the patch an hour later, and servers should be back online at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. [Update: Season of the Worthy is live, and Bungie has released the full patch notes--and they are quite long, featuring some additional new features and changes we weren't previously aware of. Also important to be aware of are a variety of bugs impacting the game, including one involving the Seraph Bunker upgrade requirements.]

You can check out the full list of changes in the update in Bungie's recent blog post. If you've spent time in the Crucible in the last two seasons, either as a Warlock or playing against them, you'll be interested in the change to Contraverse Hold. The Warlock Exotic gives you a powered-up Handheld Supernova grenade, while also reducing incoming damage. The result in the Crucible has made Handheld Supernova a very powerful move that almost always guarantees a kill, while making Warlocks very tough to take down. Bungie is shifting the Exotic to reduce its damage reduction from 40% to 20%, which will make Warlocks easier to kill when using it--bad news for fans of the Exotic, but good news for everybody else.

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Another Exotic that gets heavy use in the Crucible is Titans' One-Eyed Mask, which allows you to track opponents who damage you and encourages you to chase them down and kill them. Bungie is changing that tracking so you won't be able to see enemies through walls anymore, and you won't get a damage boost when fighting your marked targets anymore. One-Eyed Mask also provides an overshield if you kill a marked enemy, but the update reduces its duration from eight seconds to six seconds.

On the PvE side, a favorite Hunter Exotic, Orpheus Rig, is also getting nerfed. The Exotic gives its users Super and ability energy back when using the Shadowshot Super. The update reduces how much Super energy you can get back when you use the Exotic, capping it at 50% from a single Super--which means Orpheus Rig is going to be less effective for crowd control.

You can check out the rest of the patch notes below, which include the addition of Faction Rally armor sets to world drops and more changes to Exotics. Bungie says we'll get full patch notes, with more changes, with the launch of the Season of the Worthy on March 10.

Season Of The Worthy Patch Notes

Exotic Armor

  • Hunter
    • Assassin's Cowl
      • The invisibility and healing effect now triggers on powered melee (both against combatants and Guardians) and finishers.
      • The duration of the invisibility granted by this Exotic increases based on the tier of the enemy defeated.
      • Arc Staff kills no longer activate this perk.
    • FROST-EE5
      • Changed the ability regeneration so that it no longer stacks multiplicatively with other class ability energy-generating perks.
    • Khepri's Sting
      • All smoke bombs deal 150% damage while wearing this Exotic.
    • Orpheus Rig
      • The maximum amount of Super you can regain from this Exotic with a single use of Shadowshot is 50%.
    • Young Ahamkara's Spine
      • Increases the explosion radius for Tripmines by 14%.
  • Titan
    • Ashen Wake
      • Killing an enemy with a Fusion Grenade while wearing this Exotic now refunds grenade energy. The amount of grenade energy refunded scales based on the tier of enemy killed.
    • Anteus Wards
      • The shield created during a slide no longer allows chip damage through.
    • Doomfang Pauldrons
      • Fixed a bug where Doomfang Pauldrons would sometimes grant Super energy from melee kills while in your Super.
    • Dunemarchers
      • Increase the radius of the static charge to 20 meters, up from 12.
    • Mk. 44 Stand Asides
      • Reduced the delay from the start of sprinting until the overshield comes in to 0.5 seconds, down from 1.25.
    • One-Eyed Mask
      • The target marking from this Exotic has been replaced with target highlighting, eliminating the ability to detect targets through walls.
      • No longer provides a damage bonus when defeating your marked target.
      • Restored the previous overshield granted by defeating your marked target, which now has a duration of 6 seconds, down from 8.
    • Severance Enclosure
      • The explosion now triggers on powered melee (both against combatants and Guardians) and finishers.
      • The radius and damage of the explosion created by this Exotic increases based on the tier of the enemy defeated.
  • Warlock
    • Apotheosis Veil
      • This Exotic is now guaranteed to drop with a minimum +16 to Intellect.
    • Contraverse Hold
      • Reduced the damage reduction granted by this Exotic to 20%, down from 40%.
    • Sanguine Alchemy
      • Sanguine Alchemy has received a complete redesign. Its new perk, Blood Magic, allows the wearer to pause the countdown timer of any Rift they are standing in by getting weapon kills, extending the Rift's duration.
    • Ophidian Aspects
      • Now increases the lunge range of all Warlock melee attacks, even if the ability is on cooldown.
    • Verity's Brow
      • The buff provided by this Exotic now increases your grenade damage by 10% per stack.
      • The buff to allies' grenade recharge rates now kicks in when you cast your grenade.
      • This Exotic now provides a buff text notification indicating how many allies are currently benefiting from your increased grenade recharge.


  • Legendary Engrams
    • Increased the number of armor sets available from world drops to 11 sets, up from 3.
    • This will include Faction Rally armor. Players who own previous Faction Rally Ornaments may apply them to these sets.
    • Several sets that were previously unavailable or extremely difficult to acquire are now available as world drops.
  • Armor Stats
    • Prime Engrams will now more reliably drop armor with higher overall stat rolls and spikier distributions.
    • Exotic armor will now more reliably drop with higher overall stat rolls.
    • Legendary armor now has an improved chance of receiving higher overall stat rolls, though low rolls will still be present.

User Interface

  • The Settings screen UI layout on consoles has changed to match the experience on PC, allowing for future updates.
  • Added the ability to change the color of the reticle on consoles.
    • Players can choose from seven different colors, matching PC.
  • Added hint text during loading screens.
  • Added comma separators to the Glimmer count in the loot stream.
    • No longer keeps me awake at night.
  • Added categories to the Quests screen.
    • Quest items will now be automatically filtered to any of the seven categories:
      • New Light
        • Note: This category will hide if there are no active New Light quests in the character's inventory.
      • All Quests
      • Shadowkeep
      • Seasonal
      • Playlists
      • Exotics
      • The Past


  • Fixed UI stuttering and framerate drops when loading or applying mods.
  • Improved framerate in Gambit and Gambit Prime.
  • Fixed framerate issues during the Sanctified Mind encounter of the Garden of Salvation raid.
  • Fixed framerate issues in the Pit of Heresy dungeon, specifically in tunnel encounters.
  • Fixed stutter at high framerate on PC.
  • General improvements to performance on PC when a lot of debris is on the ground.

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