Destiny 2's Season Of The Worthy Begins Next Week

Guardians can shoot their way through new content on March 10.


Guardians don't have much longer to wait until new content drops for Destiny 2. Bungie has revealed that the latest season of its looter shooter, titled Season of the Worthy, is launching on March 10 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The headline new feature is something Bungie has already announced following the completion of the Empyrean Foundation community event last week, as Trials of Osiris returns for Season of the Worthy. The Power-enabled 3v3 Crucible playlist will run every weekend for Guardians hoping to earn some fancy-looking loot. Those able to win multiple Trials of Osiris matches in a row will net some valuable Pinnacle gear, while anyone good enough to win seven in a row will earn additional rewards and special access to The Lighthouse. All Guardians at power level 960 or greater are free to compete in Destiny 2's most challenging PvP activity so far.

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One of the new activities tasks you with activating Rasputin's Seraph Towers.
One of the new activities tasks you with activating Rasputin's Seraph Towers.

Meanwhile, the over-arching story continues in Season of the Worthy. While the Sundial might have been freed from the clutches of the Red Legion, an escaped Psion Flayer has enacted a desperate ploy for revenge against The Last City. You'll have to team up with your fellow Guardians to save the city from destruction by preparing Rasputin's defences in all-new shared public events, and by completing bounties and clearing bunkers throughout the system in order to reestablish communication with the ancient Warmind.

The new season also introduces a new Exotic Auto Rifle called Tommy's Matchbook, and Season Pass owners will once again unlock new armor sets, plus an Exotic emote, Ghost, ornament, and finisher. There are also weekly Rasputin challenges, Legendary Lost Sectors, and new Triumphs, bounties, and Seasonal lore books to unlock. The trailer (which you can see above) also reveals the return of the 4th Horseman shotgun from the first Destiny, so it's likely the new Exotic questline is related to that.

Bungie has released a handy calendar for the upcoming season.
Bungie has released a handy calendar for the upcoming season.

Here's a rundown of what's free and available to all Destiny 2 players, and what's included in the season pass:

Available to all Destiny 2 players

  • Defend the Last City from the Red Legion by powering up Rasputin
  • New Seraph Tower public events and bunker activities
  • Trials of Osiris returns every weekend (minimum Power level 960)
  • Seasonal Artifact: Upgrade the Warmind Khanjali to earn Seasonal gear mods
  • Rank up to unlock the Seasonal armor set: Seventh Seraph
  • Rank up to unlock the Exotic Auto Rifle, Tommy's Matchbook

Included in the season pass

  • Weekly Rasputin Challenges
  • Legendary Lost Sectors
  • New Exotic questline
  • Instantly unlock the Seventh Seraph armor sets for each class
  • Instantly unlock the Exotic Auto Rifle, Tommy's Matchbook
  • New triumphs, bounties, and Seasonal lore books
  • Exotic emote, Ghost, ornament, and finisher
  • All XP gains are increased throughout the Season
  • Additional Season Pass rewards to unlock
  • All free Destiny 2 content also included

Season of the Worthy kicks off on March 10 and ends on June 9.

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