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How To Get The Fourth Strand Aspect In Destiny 2

Here's how to unlock Season 22's Strand Aspect for your Destiny 2 classes.


Destiny 2 has added the fourth Strand Aspect for all three classes. Introduced during Season of the Witch, you can now further customize the Strand subclass and toy with new build possibilities.

Following up on the recent additions from Season of the Deep, there's a new option available after completing a quest. Here's how to get the fourth Strand Aspect during Season 22 of Destiny 2.

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How to get the Season 22 Strand Aspect in Destiny 2

If you've been up to date with Lightfall's quests, pay Nimbus a visit over at Neptune. They have a new quest available, called "Unveiled," which is required to unlock the fourth Strand Aspect. If you rush to the Pouka Pond in hopes of getting it right away, you'll see a message saying you have pending quest progress.

Thankfully, Unveiled is a fairly straightforward quest. All you need to do is check on Osiri's data crawler, which is done in Neomuna by accessing the Veil Containment. Then, complete the quest with Nimbus, and head over to the Pouka Pond inside the Hall of Heroes. Open the Aspects menu, and acquire the Strand Aspect of your class.

After completing Unveiled, head to the Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes of Neptune.
After completing Unveiled, head to the Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes of Neptune.

Now, if you can't access the Unveiled quest, it's likely that you're still missing a few older quests. If you've already finished the Lightfall campaign, make sure to tackle the "Unfinished Business" and "Parting the Veil" questlines. Then, return to Nimbus to grab Unveiled.

Below are the Season 22 Strand Aspects in Destiny 2 and what they do:

  • Weavewalk (Warlock): Dodge while airborne to enter the weave, gaining damage resistance from combatants and players. Reactivate your air dodge or cast your Rift to exit the weave. In addition, while in the weave, you generate perched Threadlings over time.
  • Banner of War (Titan): Defeat a target with a melee attack, finisher, or Sword to raise a Banner of War that pulses with energy, periodically healing nearby allies and increasing melee and Sword damage. Targets defeated by you and nearby allies charge the banner, increasing the speed of its pulses.
  • Whirling Maelstrom (Hunter): Destroying a Tangle will weave a violent, writhing mass of Strand fibers. The Strand mass seeks out and damages targets, emitting Unraveling projectiles when it defeats them.

If it's been a while since you used the Strand subclass, a friendly reminder that the Suspend ability has been the target of a nerf in Season 22. In case you were hoping to pick up your old build as is, take this into consideration before plunging into PvE activities. Once you have your fourth Strand Aspect, make sure to pay attention to any Insight quests to continue uncovering the Deck of Whispers and the cards within while trying out your new builds.

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