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Destiny 2: Season of the Witch is now live and has introduced a number of Hive-influenced events to the game set against the backdrop of a spooky story. The final stand against Xivu Arath draws closer, the Witch Queen plots to rise from her grave, and you'll be spending this season tithing power to Eris Morn, who has undergone a shocking metamorphosis. This new season will run from August 22 through November 28, and is the penultimate season before Bungie retires this model for a new episodic approach.

Season 22 introduces a number of updates to Destiny 2, ranging from Exotic armor and Exotic weapon overhauls, a new Elemental Orb system to use in battle, and fine-tuning of several weapon archetypes. As usual, the season pass has some great rewards available on both its free and premium tiers, a new Exotic weapon to add to your collection, and resources to collect to help strengthen your Guardian.

Season of the Witch guides

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A new season of Destiny 2 brings new challenges and mysteries, and in Season 22, one of the big new additions is an entire deck of powerful Arcana cards. Destiny 2's take on deckbuilding, the major tarot cards aren't just for show but can actually be used to enhance your Guardian in battle with a number of beneficial buffs or help you earn more rewards after an activity. There will likely be more secrets to uncover in Season 22, and we'll update this section with new guides as we dive deeper into the new seasonal activities.

Season of the Witch storyline

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In the six months since the Lightfall expansion launched, things are looking bad. The Traveler has been cornered, The Witness has entered the Pale Heart of the entity, and the Guardians have no way of chasing after its greatest enemy. In Season of the Witch, Savathun’s ghost Immaru proposes a deal: the defeat of Savathun's sister Xivu Arath and the resurrection of the Witch Queen in exchange for the key to the portal through the Traveler where The Witness is preparing to enact The Final Shape. Guardians will need to harness arcane Hive magic as they help a newly transformed Eris Morn prepare for battle against the Hive god of war.

Seasonal activity

There are two matchmade activities in Season 22, which both support one another. Savathun's Spire is a showdown with the Lucent Hive, a fight against the custodians of this grim location in which you can defeat them to help you power up the Altars of Summoning. The main event activity, Altars of Summoning, has echoes of Prison of Elders and the Court of Oryx in its design, as you'll be breaking into Savathun's otherworldly jail to take on waves of increasingly difficult enemies.

Seasonal Challenges

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Like in previous seasons, you'll be able to take on additional tasks and challenges that'll reward you with experience points, Bright Dust, and some great loot. You can usually expect around 10 weeks of objectives to pursue at your leisure, and if you complete them, you'll get a massive pile of extra Bright Dust for all your hard work.

Reprised raid: Crota's End

Hive! Bring a sword! Crota's End, which first debuted in Destiny's The Dark Below expansion, is making a comeback in Destiny 2. It'll be available on Friday September 1 from the daily reset at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, and as with other raids, Contest Mode will be active for the first 48 hours.

Season of the Deep Exotic weapon: Ex Diris

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At long last, you can give Hive Knights a taste of their own medicine with this season's Exotic weapon, Ex Diris. A grenade launcher that lobs balls of Arc energy at enemies and doesn't need to be reloaded, Ex Diris has some great perks. Corrupted Nucleosynthesis allows the weapon to enter an "enraged" state that increases it rate of fire whenever you take or deal damage, and Loyal Moths are generated from final blows. This effect creates explosive Hive moths that will seek out nearby targets and detonate, damaging and blinding them. If you own the premium season pass, you'll unlock this Exotic immediately and you can activate a quest with Banshee-44 to unlock its catalyst. Anyone on the free tier of the season pass will have to reach rank 35 to unlock the Exotic.

New Exotic armor pieces

Three new Exotic armor pieces are available this season, and the focus is all on protective gear for your arms: Titans get Pyrogale Gauntlets, Hunters can acquire Mothkeeper's Wraps, and Warlocks can add One with the Void to their collection. You'll be able to acquire these Exotics from completing Legend Lost Sectors on your own, when the lost sector for the day offers Exotic gauntlets as a potential reward.

Pyrogale Gauntlets (Exotic Titan gauntlets)

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Percussive Flames

Modifies Burning Maul into a single high-damage slam of your hammer that creates five cyclones of flame. Consecration's second slam creates a cyclone of flame.

Mothkeeper's Wraps (Exotic Hunter gauntlets)

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Winged Eclipse

Your grenade becomes a cage of loyal moths that release on impact and fly toward the nearest target or ally. If they reach a target, they detonate in a blinding explosion; if they reach an ally, the moths grant your ally a Void overshield.

Briarbrands (Exotic Warlock gauntlets)

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One with the Void

Your Void Souls have a longer duration. They also gain escalating damage and durability as they defeat targets. You can retrieve your Void Souls by interacting with them, allowing them to be redeployed.

Free Season Pass

  • Rank 7 -- Bright engram
  • Rank 13 -- Bright engram
  • Rank 17 -- Bright engram
  • Rank 20 -- The Eremite (Legendary fusion rifle)
  • Rank 23 -- Bright engram
  • Rank 27 -- Bright engram
  • Rank 30 -- Brya's Love (Legendary scout rifle)
  • Rank 33 -- Bright engram
  • Rank 35 -- Ex Diris (Exotic grenade launcher)
  • Rank 37 -- Bright engram
  • Rank 43 -- Bright engram
  • Rank 45 -- Exotic engram
  • Rank 47 -- Bright engram
  • Rank 53 -- Bright engram
  • Rank 55 -- Exotic Cipher
  • Rank 57 -- Deepsight Harmonizer
  • Rank 63 -- Bright engram
  • Rank 65 -- Exotic engram
  • Rank 67 -- Bright engram
  • Rank 73 -- Bright engram
  • Rank 77 -- Deepsight Harmonizer
  • Rank 83 -- Bright engram
  • Rank 87 -- Bright engram
  • Rank 93 -- Deepsight Harmonizer
  • Rank 97 -- Bright engram

Premium Season Pass

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  • Rank 1 -- Ex Diris (Exotic grenade launcher)
  • Rank 6 -- Ossified Carving shader
  • Rank 10 -- Arcane Banishment Whale finisher
  • Rank 13 -- Witch's engram
  • Rank 25 -- Exotic engram
  • Rank 30 -- Acroamatis (Exotic sparrow)
  • Rank 35 -- Witch's engram
  • Rank 41 -- Witch's engram
  • Rank 50 -- Hexed shell (Exotic Ghost shell)
  • Rank 55 -- Witch's engram
  • Rank 57 -- Season of the Witch gauntlets
  • Rank 59 -- Exotic engram
  • Rank 60 -- Season of the Witch leg armor
  • Rank 62 -- Deespight Harmonizer
  • Rank 64 -- Season of the Witch gauntlet ornament
  • Rank 65 -- Exotic engram
  • Rank 67 -- Season of the Witch Titan mark, Warlock bond, Hunter cloak
  • Rank 73 -- Season of the Witch leg armor ornament
  • Rank 77 -- Season of the Witch chest armor
  • Rank 79 -- Exotic engram
  • Rank 80 -- Runic Sketching (Legendary emote)
  • Rank 83 -- Season of the Witch Titan mark, Warlock bond, Hunter cloak ornament
  • Rank 84 -- Deespight Harmonizer
  • Rank 85 -- Ascendant shard
  • Rank 87 -- Season of the Witch helmet
  • Rank 88 -- Exotic engram
  • Rank 89 -- Ascendant Alloy
  • Rank 90 -- Ascendant Shard
  • Rank 91 -- Season of the Witch chest armor ornament
  • Rank 94 -- Ascendant shard
  • Rank 97 -- Season of the Witch helmet ornament
  • Rank 98 -- Exotic engram
  • Rank 99 -- Summoning Circle (Exotic emote)
  • Rank 100 -- Fatebinder (Exotic Ex Diris ornament)

Titan Season Pass Armor And Ornaments

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Hunter Season Pass Armor And Ornaments

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Warlock Season Pass Armor And Ornaments

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