Destiny 2's New Strand Aspects Revealed For Hunters, Titans, And Warlocks

Season of the Deep introduces a new Aspect choice for Strand subclasses.


Aspects are a key part of each subclass in Destiny 2, but so far, there has been no choice in terms of what to use while playing Strand. That changes in the upcoming Season 21, Season of the Deep, as Bungie has now revealed the new Aspect that each class will receive.

Bungie has previously said it would be expanding the array of Aspects next season, but outside of revealing the names of each one, it had offered no details on what they would entail. In the latest This Week at Bungie post, it explained, "Our goal with these Aspects is to strengthen the existing Strand kits and expand the gameplay options of each class."

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The new Hunter Strand Aspect is Threaded Specter. Activating your class ability leaves behind a decoy that attracts enemy fire, providing you and your team with an opportunity to seek out cover. When enemies get close to the decoy or destroy it (something that requires "significant damage,"), it explodes, dealing damage and summoning Threadlings.

For Titans, the new Strand Aspect is Flechette Storm. This sounds reminiscent of some existing Aspects, making it so that sliding and then activating your charged melee launches you into the air. This deals damage to nearby enemies and knocks them back, and while you're in the air, you can repeatedly activate your charged melee to launch projectiles that damage enemies and Unravel them.

Finally, Warlocks get The Wanderer as their new Strand Aspect. This centers around Tangles, as the Aspect makes it so that they stick to enemies and then detonate, applying Suspend. Additionally, you'll generate Tangles from Threadling final blows.

You'll need to figure out which of your existing Aspects you might be willing to swap out in order to equip these, as you can only have a maximum of two at a time. But before that, you'll need to actually unlock these Aspects, which is done through a pursuit you can obtain from the Pouka Pond on Neomuna once Season of the Deep launches on May 23.

Alongside these Aspects, we've already learned about a number of changes coming to Destiny 2's subclasses, including a reduction to the cooldown on Strand's grapple ability and buffs to a number of Supers. Additionally, Bungie is swapping in more Exotic drops in place of Pinnacle rewards, due to the Power level cap not increasing next season. And it'll soon be easier to obtain old raid Exotics.

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