Destiny 2 Director Confirms There Will Be Rewards For Returning Players

Luke Smith answers loads of questions.


As part of a new Destiny 2 Q&A video, game director Luke Smith spent 20 minutes answering lots and lots of questions about the game that he received on Twitter.

Among other things, he confirms in the Wired video that there will be rewards for returning players; that is, people who played Destiny 1 and come back for Destiny 2. He also jokes about Destiny 1's infamous loot cave, talks about if the wizard actually came from the moon, and reveals the weapon from Destiny 1 that he'll miss the most for Destiny 2. Smith also touches on how Bungie designs characters that can be cosplayed and reveals if Cayde-6 can eat ramen. Further still, Smith talks about if Ghaul would be more likely to listen to prog rock band Rush or songs from Disney's Moana.

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Additionally, he answers really, really specific gameplay questions, and if you're a hardcore Destiny fan, this is the video for you.

What's more, Smith talks about how the story in Destiny 2 will point at what's coming next, either through the game's expansions or potentially Destiny 3.

"The Vex don't play specifically a role in the conflict between the Red Legion but while you're playing through Destiny 2 and while you're playing a bunch of the different content, we are pointing at places we are going to go next," he said. "Part of the fun of making and playing games is seeing that intention and knowing that it's all going somewhere."

Destiny 2 launches on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release to follow in October. An open beta for the PC edition is happening now--here's how to get in.

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