Destiny 2 PC Open Beta Releases For Everyone On Blizzard

Here's a good chance to see how Destiny 2 runs on your PC.


Following a day of exclusive access for those who pre-ordered the game, Destiny 2's PC beta is now available for everyone. This marks the first time the general public will be able to play a Destiny game on computer.

If you already played the console version of the beta, you won't find a ton that's new here in terms of content. There is an additional Crucible map, and various tweaks have been implemented, but otherwise you're still looking at a story mission, some limited Crucible access, and a Strike.

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That said, the beta may be worth checking out just to see how well your computer runs the game. We've already gotten a look at Destiny 2's minimum and recommended specs, but nothing is as good of a test as simply booting up the game for yourself. The full version of Destiny 2 may not be launching until October 24, almost two months after the PS4 and Xbox One versions, but it may be worth the wait--it will sport a number of visual enhancements, as well as support for framerates higher than 30 FPS.

Destiny's PC beta runs until August 31. As with the full PC version, it runs through, Blizzard's desktop app. If you don't already have that installed, you can grab it here.

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