Destiny 2: Cross Save Coming Late-August, Steam Version Soon After

Big things are coming for Destiny 2 - here's when to look out for them.


When Destiny 2 was released on PC at the end of its first year, Guardians hoped Bungie would one day add the ability to move their characters (and all the gear they've been grinding for) to Destiny's other platforms. After a long wait--another whole year--they'll soon be able to do it. Alongside the reveal of the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion, Bungie announced that cross save was coming--but it didn't say exactly when. Now we finally have a date for the capability: August 21.

In its latest weekly blog post, Bungie put a date on when its Cross Save capabilities would hit the game. When the feature goes live, you'll be able to link one Destiny 2 account between multiple platforms and access your three charactesr on all of them. Bungie also gave new info about the PC version's move away from its current home,, to Steam, but that's happening a bit later.

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Bungie previously laid out a bit of info about how cross save will work. You'll be able to freely move your character between platforms with Destiny 2: New Light, the upcoming free-to-play version of Destiny 2's Year One content. If you want to play Shadowkeep or anything from Forsaken and the annual pass that came after it, however, you'll need to purchase it on the platform to which you're moving. Elements like Silver, Destiny 2's premium currency, stay on the platforms where they were purchased. Silver is linked to your characters, so if you have Silver on a different platform or a different set of characters, you won't get to access it.

As Bungie notes in its cross save FAQ, though, you'll have to make some decisions if you've been playing Destiny 2 on more than one platform. When you enable cross save, you'll have to choose which account to keep--you can only make one set of characters available across all platforms. Unfortunately, that means you can't merge, say, your Hunter from your PS4 account with the Titan you play on PC and your Warlock from Xbox One. You'll have to use either your PS4, PC, or Xbox account for cross save.

That doesn't mean your other characters are gone forever, though. Bungie says in the FAQ you can disable cross save, which will give you access to the characters you had on their original individual platforms. It'll take 90 days for those characters to become available again, though. "This policy exists to discourage activity like account recoveries by other players," Bungie writes.

Bungie also gave a few new details about Destiny 2's PC version. As announced with Shadowkeep, Destiny 2 is moving off of Activision's launcher and onto Steam, something that was slated to happen alongside the release of the expansion. Bungie announced recently it was delaying the expansion from its September release date to October 1, and the move from to Steam is similarly delayed. Starting on August 20, however, PC users can start linking their accounts between and Steam to make the transition easier.

In its PC move FAQ, Bungie explains that you'll get a one-time move from to Steam that'll take everything you've purchased with you--including all game content and any Silver you've bought, as well.

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