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Dead Space Remake - Where Is The Peng Treasure?

There's always Peng, but in the Dead Space remake, its location has changed. Here's where to grab it for the Achievement / Trophy and some in-game money.


In the Dead Space remake, we're still no closer to figuring out what exactly Peng treasure is, but you'll want to find it like before to earn yourself not just 30,000 credits, but also the "There's Always Peng!" Achievement / Trophy. The Peng treasure isn't located in the same spot where you can find it in the original 2008 game, so even if you already think you know where it is, you may come up empty-handed. Here's where to find the Peng treasure in the Dead Space remake.

This guide contains some story spoilers.

Dead Space remake - Peng treasure location

The Peng treasure can be found in Chapter 11 of Dead Space. That might sound familiar, as that's the chapter in which you would've found it in the original game, too. However, this time it's in a different place, so don't quit reading just yet.

When you get to the Cargo Bay, you'll eventually head down a lift with the objective to "Engage the Cargo Crane," at which point you'll find yourself in a large room with the Marker, the red spire-like alien relic at the heart of the game's story. As you step off the lift, look behind you to see an assortment of gray crates in front of a Peng poster.

These are the sort of crates you can move with your kinesis ability, so use it to clear the area and reveal some lockers you can open. Inside one of them will be the Peng treasure, which instantly unlocks a related Achievement / Trophy and can be sold at any store kiosk for 30,000 credits--that's enough for three Power Nodes or a bunch of ammo and health packs. Below you can see where the Peng will be in the environment as well as on your map.

Use the slider to switch between room view and map view.

Previously, this collectible was found in the same loading dock where players first gain control of Isaac in Chapter 1--though it's not obtainable until Chapter 11 in the original game either. In a funny twist, if you head to the loading dock in the remake, you'll find a text log in which the anonymous scribe writes about how excited they are to have their own Peng, so it seems what Isaac does in the remake is not find a lost Peng treasure; rather he steals it out of an Ishimura employee's work locker. Oops!

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