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Dead Space Remake New Game Plus Explained - Secret Ending And What Carries Over

As soon as you hit the credits, you can run it back with Dead Space New Game Plus.


Dead Space has never looked better than it does in the 2023 remake, and if you hit the credits and find yourself wanting to see more of it, you can do it all over again with New Game Plus, which comes with several bonuses and exclusive unlocks. Finishing the story on New Game Plus will even net you a related Achievement / Trophy, and you can unlock a secret ending for your trouble too. Here's what you need to know about the mode.

Once you finish the last of the Dead Space remake chapters, you'll be given the opportunity to play the game again on New Game Plus mode. This mode not only allows you to carry over all of your previously earned guns, upgrades, suits, and credits, but it also gifts you with a bevy of other prizes to entice you to give it another go onboard the USG Ishimura. You can obtain your previous unlocks at any store kiosk in the game. Take note, however, that kinesis and stasis are unlocked as part of the story, so they'll need to be re-earned at those same points even in New Game Plus.

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Here's what you unlock before starting New Game Plus mode:

  • 50,000 credits
  • 10 Power Nodes
  • New text logs
  • Advanced Soldier RIG (Level 6 suit)

Because there are so many guns to upgrade, you actually can't upgrade all of them in a single playthrough, so starting New Game Plus with all previous upgrades unlocked is a huge boost, as it allows you to work on improving other weapons.

If you can decipher this, you'll be on the trail of the secret ending.
If you can decipher this, you'll be on the trail of the secret ending.

Dead Space secret ending

The secret ending in Dead Space remake can only be found by playing in New Game Plus mode and finding 12 Master Fragments. We're still actively searching for these--they seem to be wrapped up with some truly cryptic text logs as seen above--though we won't spoil the secret ending here anyway. On your travels, look out for new "Phantom Variant" versions of the Necromorphs, too. *Gulp*

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