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How Long To Beat Dead Space Remake - Chapter List And New Side Missions Explained

Dead Space is back, and bigger than you may remember. Here's how long it takes to finish.


Dead Space has been made whole once again. In fact, in the form of the Dead Space remake, it's arguably more than whole, with EA Motive bringing to life the game's classic atmosphere while adding new side missions, voice work for the lead character Isaac Clarke, and more. Naturally, that leaves players wondering how long it takes to best the Dead Space remake, as the answer is not likely what it was way back in 2008. Here's what you need to know about the campaign, chapter list, and side missions.

How long is Dead Space remake?

Dead Space (2023) retells the classic story from 2008 in a way that is largely faithful. Therefore, if you were only to stay on the critical path, the campaign would take you approximately 12-15 hours. The story is split into 12 chapters, just as it was before, though several optional side missions are introduced, which will extend playtime for completionists or curious players.

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It's also worth noting that there is a New Game Plus mode that unlocks after you've hit the end credits at least once. For players who want to see the game from every angle, Impossible difficulty, which disables saving of any kind and restarts from the beginning on death, will take longer, with something more like 15-20 carefully treaded hours seeming more realistic.

Dead Space remake chapter list

Presented seamlessly without any loading screens across the whole game, the 12 Dead Space chapters are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: New Arrivals
  • Chapter 2: Intensive Care
  • Chapter 3: Course Correction
  • Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent
  • Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion
  • Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard
  • Chapter 7: Into the Void
  • Chapter 8: Search and Rescue
  • Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival
  • Chapter 10: End of Days
  • Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions
  • Chapter 12: Dead Space

Dead Space side missions explained

Perhaps the biggest change to the overall structure of Dead Space with the remake is the wholesale invention of side missions. These missions further expand on the story of the doomed USG Ishimura and its once-sizeable crew. While these missions are all totally optional, the game makes them fairly simple to track down and complete thanks to some features we'll detail below, and they tend to end in plentiful resource caches, weapon upgrades, and an Achievement or Trophy on your preferred platform.

Frankly, we were planning on carving out guides for each side mission in the game, until we discovered how well they're telegraphed, rendering most side mission guides superfluous. For now, the most important thing you need to know about side missions is that you can actively track them with Isaac's wayfinder by simply making them your active quest in the game's mission log. Click on a side mission and you'll see the option to track it, after which point the way toward any side mission will be marked with a yellow line whenever Isaac uses his wayfinder--main quests are still a silvery blue, as before. Whenever you can only see the blue line, it means the side mission you've activated is heading in that direction too.

The game will give you a clear point-of-no-return warning in Chapter 11, so if you'd prefer to leave them until the end, that's totally an option--it just comes with lots of backtracking. Then again, because you'll have unlocked all Security Levels by then--a new Metroidvania-lite feature in the remake--you may prefer waiting until the end anyway, as then you can finish up the Full Clearance side mission and collect all the game's locked rewards.

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