Dead Space 2 drifting onto X360, PS3, PC

EA and Visceral Games confirm new installment in survival horror shooter will follow original game protagonist, light on additional details.


Two weeks after Dead Space landed to glowing critical praise in 2008, EA was already talking about a sequel. Speaking to Variety, then-Visceral Games general manager Glenn Schofield said that a follow-up would be predicated on the sales results of the original. Further evidence of a follow-up surfaced in September, when EA revealed through a job listing that development on a Dead Space "sequel" would begin "in the next few months."

Isaac Clarke has more strategic dismembering to do.
Isaac Clarke has more strategic dismembering to do.

Today, EA made Dead Space 2 official, announcing that the game would see release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Oddly, the publisher provided no time frame for when Dead Space 2 will be released. EA's opacity on the release date is consistent with statements made in October, when the publisher refuted a Reuters report indicating that the game would be out sometime in 2010.

EA was equally cagey on what gamers can expect from Dead Space 2. The game will again follow Isaac Clarke, better known as the primary protagonist from the original. EA didn't offer much by way of plot details, saying only that Clarke will again engage with the zombielike necromorphs. The publisher promises to deliver new weapons, characters, and environments in the Dead Space sequel.

Dead Space 2 isn't EA's only expansion to the original survivor horror shooter. The publisher collaborated with Starz Media on the animated feature film Dead Space: Downfall in 2009. In July, Variety reported that a live-action adaption of the game is also in development, with Eagle Eye helmer D.J. Caruso attached to direct. EA released the Wii-exclusive on-rails shooter Dead Space: Extraction in September, a game that sold fewer than 9,300 units upon its debut.

Check out GameSpot's previous coverage of the original for an idea of what to expect from Dead Space 2.

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