EA teases Dead Space sequel

Redwood Shores GM confirms new installment in deep-space survival shooter under construction; Army of Two, Battlefield: Bad Company follow-ups also hinted.


It would be a misnomer to say that the many new properties Electronic Arts is delivering this year indicate the publisher's days of annualized sequelization are behind it. After all, EA has made it abundantly clear that it plans to extend many, if not all, of these new franchises into future titles.

One such example is Dead Space, EA's all-new sci-fi horror shooter which debuted to rave reviews last week. In an effort to cross-promote the franchise, EA has signed respective deals with Starz Media and Image Comics to create an animated film and graphic novel to flesh out the franchise's storyline.

Now, the publisher has also made it clear that the franchise will see at least one more gaming installment as well. Speaking with Variety, EA Redwood Shores studio general manager Glenn Schofield confirmed that a Dead Space sequel is already under construction. Far from an official announcement, though, Variety notes that the follow-up is predicated upon the successful performance of its predecessor.

Variety also discussed future sequelization plans with EA Games label president Frank Gibeau. As part of that conversation, Gibeau revealed that both Army of Two and Battlefield: Bad Company have a "sequel idea planned." Army of Two landed to avid consumer interest despite a tepid critical response in March, while Battlefield: Bad Company brought EA DICE's massive-battlefield shooter to consoles with respectable success in June. EA also confirmed last week that Army of Two will be the latest publisher-owned property to head to Hollywood.

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