Dark Souls Remastered: Here's What's Different

Bandai Namco is making a long list of quality-of-life improvements.

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The remastered version of From Software's celebrated action RPG, Dark Souls, arrives on a new generation of consoles in a little over a month. Along with improved visuals and framerate, the game features an assortment of gameplay tweaks and quality-of-life changes that should make the experience a bit smoother for all players.

In terms of online play, Dark Souls Remastered supports up to six players, as opposed to four in the original version. In addition to that, the Dried Finger, which allows you to summon more players in a quicker amount of time, can now be purchased from the merchant in Undead Burg, giving you the ability to get it much earlier in the game.

Bandai Namco is also implementing the password matching system from Dark Souls III, making it easier to play together with your friends. In PvP, the Estus Flask will now be the only healing item that players can use, and Estus Flasks will be restored after players defeat a red phantom.

The quality-of-life changes extend beyond multiplayer as well. Most notably, players can now use multiple of the same item at once rather than having to select them one at a time. Moreover, Bandai Namco is adding a new bonfire next to Vamos the Blacksmith in the Catacombs, and players will now have the ability to switch covenants at bonfires rather than having to trek back to their original locations.

Dark Souls Remastered releases for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on May 25. The game also supports 4K resolution and 60 FPS on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X; you can take a look at some new footage of Dark Souls Remastered running on PS4 Pro here. The Switch version, meanwhile, releases alongside an exclusive Amiibo figure.

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I recently got Bloodborne for free from PS+. Never played it, but considering I loved DS 1, 2, and 3, I'm sure it will be a good time. But now I'm seriously considering downloading this remastered version of DS 1 and playing it before I play Bloodborne.

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This is BS !!! they should provide an cheap upgrade from DS PC owners or dont release on PC. We PC players dont like to pay the same game over and over. From Software should learn to make games for PC !! hope someone release a pack ripped from remastered to the original game!! or just pirate this s**t.

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DigitalFoundry tried a PS4 Pro version and saw some updated textures, added sprites (denser foliage and other details), updated fog and dust effects, an overhauled lighting model, among other tweaks. Looks good!


Avatar image for girlusocrazy

But no fast travel?

Avatar image for GunEye

@girlusocrazy: You unlock it after obtaining the LordVessel

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

@GunEye: Thanks!

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Unless they include things such as a pause feature in offline play or a casual mode, I'm not interested.

Avatar image for javalino

@DukeGallison: if you want Casual mode, play pokemon !

Avatar image for sephirothswing

@DukeGallison: if you want a casual mode maybe Monster Hunter is the best option for you. 👍

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

@DukeGallison: You can stand around for hours anywhere there isn't an enemy immediately close to you and nothing will happen to you.

And of course there's offline play, always has been.

Casual mode? OK you're trolling aren't you. I fell for that one.

Avatar image for bdrtfm

@DukeGallison: Casual mode in a Souls game? Does not compute.....

Avatar image for Prats1993


>Casual mode

>Dark Souls

Pick one or GTFO.

Avatar image for MrBlack81

@DukeGallison: a casual mode??? that defeats the purpose of the game.

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GS, we need to talk.

I appreciate that you guys don't have time to be experts on every game (who does?), but casual paraphrasing of another source can result in very inaccurate translations.

To be a good sport, I'll re-paste from the other thread:

...but be realistic: They didn't go back and remake all the assets or anything.

PC is native 4K 60FPS

PS4 Pro and XOX are dynamic upscaled 4K 60FPS

The 60FPS is the most important part there. No more turn-based Blighttown.

The rest of this partial list is absolutely worth the price of admission IMO:

[from the official source]

"Players can select the number of usable items, such as consumable souls or covenant items, to use instead of one at a time as in the original game.

A Bonfire has been added next to Vamos the Blacksmith.

Covenants can be switched at Bonfires.

Button configuration is available.

Items will not automatically be registered into an item slot when picked up.

The online network has been changed from P2P to dedicated servers."

Ex: "Most notably, players can now use multiple of the same item at once rather than having to select them one at a time."

Nope -- that's not what they said. When giving those hundreds of [red, blue, gold, etc objects] to Covenants, you can specify hoe many to give. This was a huge pain to give 100 eyes of death (or whatever) to Gravelord (or whomever).

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I am looking forward to this coming out since it's the only one of the series that I haven't played yet including demons souls. Not sure what platform to buy it on yet but I am leaning towards the switch version because of the portability though it kind of sucks it can't do 60 fps on a game this old. Hopefully the game will be further optimized on switch and get the 60 fps through an update later but I don't think the odds of that happening are very good.

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

@drunk_punk: Probably won't be. You can probably get it for Switch and then wait for a price drop to pick it up on another console afterwards to play it 60fps. I'm certified insane for Souls so I'm buying it twice for that reason.

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@girlusocrazy: im going to grab the ps4. ver and grabbing the switch later!

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So this is a free update for PC users and not a paid DX11 patch, right?

Oh who am I kidding..

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@DAOWAce: Did they get paid for the previous rez & fps patch?

Avatar image for wexorian

@Pyrosa: So you say that PATCHES must Be sold like DLC"S Okay :D