Cyberpunk 2077's Deep Customization Lets You Interact With Its World In Many Ways

"Much like with the player-driven story which reacts to choices with a wide set of consequences, we want to allow players to make choices in the way they play the game."


Cyberpunk 2077 has a deep level of customization that allows you to craft your ideal V and assortment of skills. And although CD Projekt Red's upcoming RPG is not an immersive sim, the nature of its world allows you to take advantage of the many levels of customization to interact with it in unique ways.

"It especially blew my mind to see playtesters use offensive combat abilities to solve stealth situations," Cyberpunk 2077 senior level designer Miles Tost said. "Previously, I had thought of our reflex-enhancing cyberware, like Kerenzikov, or its more advanced form, Sandevistan, as purely useful in combat situations, since it allows your character to temporarily enter a bullet time-like state, making you move at superhuman speeds. But I was very surprised to see when our playtesters were using bullet time to bypass security cameras and enemy patrols, pulling off complex stealth maneuvers…or to simply catch a green traffic light at a pedestrian crossing."

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When it comes to unlocking new abilities, there are several different ways. At the start of the game, you'll be able to allocate a number of skill points into Body, Reflex, Intelligence, Technical Ability, and Cool to give your V a starting baseline of abilities to specialize in. As you play, you'll level up and unlock perk points to further develop these baseline abilities. However, you'll also unlock special skills by how you play--for example, kill lots of enemies with guns and you'll naturally increase your proficiency as a Gunslinger, which makes you even more deadly with a firearm.

You can also unlock special cyberdeck and cyberware perks as well. You're limited by the number of cyberdecks you can have equipped at a time, but you can install as many cyberware upgrades as you like. Cyberdecks are very niche abilities that you'll likely only use in certain situations like SOS Signal (trick enemies into investigating a certain spot) or Force Suicide (compel an enemy to turn their own weapon on themselves). Cyberware implants have more general applications--Blump Pump increases how much you can heal, for instance, and Gorilla Arms increases the strength of your melee attacks. The aforementioned Kerenzikov and Sandevistan are cyberware perks.

"Freedom of gameplay has become a pillar of Cyberpunk 2077," Tost said. "Much like with the player-driven story which reacts to choices with a wide set of consequences, we want to allow players to make choices in the way they play the game."

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