Cyberpunk 2077 Modder Brings Wall-Running Back To The Game

CD Projekt Red cut wall-running from Cyberpunk 2077 for "design reasons."


Cyberpunk 2077 modders are bringing features back to the game that developer CD Projekt Red had to cut prior to release. Thanks to some home-cooked code, players can now wall-run across Night City.

When it was shown off on stage at E3 2018, wall-running in Cyberpunk 2077 was described as a "high-level ability." The player used it to run along a wall and then hang in place using one of the game's body modifications, the mantis blades. In an interview with GameReactor, Cyberpunk 2077 level designer Max Pears explained that wall-running was removed from the game for "design reasons."

Of course, "design reasons" aren't always taken into consideration by modders. Instead, the creator of this wall-running mod, Saturne, brought the mechanic into Cyberpunk 2077 as a "proof of concept for myself" according to the mod's NexusMods page. Currently, anyone can download the mod and its prerequisites and start running across walls all over Night City.

Don't expect a wall-running experience that's as fleshed out as what we saw at E3 2018 though. Saturne put a disclaimer at the bottom of the mod's page, saying, "Don't expect anything sick, it's barely usable at the moment." A video demonstrating the mod in action doesn't show any bugginess, but there is a definite lack of polish. When V mounts the wall, a unique animation doesn't play. Instead, they glide across the wall, gun in hand. Admittedly, it's pretty impressive that players can aim with their guns and assumedly fire on enemies while wall-running with this mod.

Since its launch, CD Projekt Red has been patching Cyberpunk 2077. While it hasn't added formerly-marketed features back to the game, each patch has improved it, removing some of its countless bugs and enhancing stability. Cyberpunk 2077's latest patch, 1.21, fixed a long list of quest-related bugs and improved the game's memory management, which should reduce stability issues.

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