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Crytek's PlayStation VR Dinosaur Game Gets A Price Drop

Crytek lowers the price to $50.


Crytek's virtual reality game Robinson: The Journey, in which you explore an alien world filled with dinosaurs and other creatures, has received a permanent price drop for PlayStation VR. 

As announced in a blog post, game is now available in North America, Europe, and other regions for $50 or its regional equivalent. On PC, the game is sold for $40.

Crytek also today kicked off a new video series in which it chronicles the creation and production of Robinson: The Journey. As you'll see, virtual reality development is not the same as traditional game production. You can see the first episode in the video embed above.

GameSpot's review of Robinson: The Journey scored the game a 7/10.

"Robinson: the Journey is one of the most immersive, engaging games to hit PSVR, but it suffers from its short length and reliance on vague objectives," reviewer D'Aprile said. "Still, the sheer visual splendor and moments of legitimately awesome sights make it an engaging experience. Crytek has taken their usual flair for gorgeous visuals and made a world worth stepping into."

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